Netanyahu opened the door


Now Obama better run out of it and distance ourselves from the most rogue, terrorizing country on the planet.


Iran, North Korea, and Russia would like a word with you.


“most rogue, terrorizing country on the planet.” lol


They just fixed an election.


I feel sick…but I agree with FIRE CHIEF’s sentiment (the distancing away part not necessarily the rogue terrorist country part). I’ve never been a fan of Israel and the further we can move away from their never ending war with Palestine the better.


Oh they’re rogue. If not for high level Jews in our government and media we would have nothing to do with them. Netanyahu has turned them to a theocracy no different than Iran. The only difference is perception.


I do not hate Jews. But I do despise Israel. If that country were peacefully disintegrated tomorrow the world would be a far better place.


Israel is surrounded by Islamo-fascist countries who cultivate and export the worst that humanity has ever experienced… and you want Israel, the only country in that region which has any semblance of the rule of law or respect for religious rights, to be disintegrated?

You do know that when the Palestinians were offered their own state they refused?

Did you know that the surrounding countries have swore to “drive the Jews into the sea”?

What is gained if we replace the Jews with murderous Islamo-fascists?