Need to cuddle?


A woman has just started a cuddling business.


45 minute session: $50
60 minute session: $60
90 minute session: $90

All I can think of is… wow…

I give her props for the name though.


Prostitutes don’t even require that high of a fee and you get to stick it wherever.


Why the hell would I pay $50 for 45 minutes when I can buy $30 worth of drinks for a full night?


And hopefully a cuddle buddy for the night…


Q. What if I become sexually aroused during my session?
A. Don’t worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable.


There are some missing craigslist keywords in her answer.


Uh… if she’s little spoon, I imagine it could make her very uncomfortable.


This existed a long time ago as

I’m not proud, but I know the guy who developed that site. I’m also disappointed in this country that these things happen.

Some of the pictures on there are friggin’ priceless, too.


I just cant see…

wife…I have some errands to run today sweetheart, what you got planned?
me…I was thinking about rotating my tires then maybe hit The Snuggery.
wife…ok babe, be good:D
me…oh I will:D


There are issues if you are married and have to pay someone to snuggle with you.


That was the point:rolleyes:


She probably let herself go because she’s realized she’s married and can live off her husband’s wealth now. He just wants to cuddle and can’t wrap his arms around her massive beef appendages of cake grabbers.

The Official Girl Success Thread

so like what happens when you ask for the deluxe. and funnage i think you should get a divorce.


Are those rates for big or little spoon? And if you bring in multiples, do the rates double or is it merely by time? What about in-home visits? That FAQ section was grossly lacking of information.


I’ll cuddle with anyone on TT for free



Under policies: #9 of which she will barter for:

  1. Lawn mowing/plowing/landscaping


Uh… I mean, plowing is funny and all. But so is lawn mowing. And landscaping.