Need some advice


I’m a freshman in college and I didn’t make my school’s xc team in the fall when I tried to walk on due to Title IX but the coach encouraged me to try out for indoor track and keep training. I did for about a week and then started seeing my grades so I decided to let running go for a while and focus on getting my school work under control. Now I miss the sport and running but I’m having trouble getting back into it. I loved my time off because it was the first time I actually had more then a few days off since freshman year of high school. Now I miss running and racing and all the good stuff that comes with it but I can’t seem to ease back into running again. Does anyone have any ideas on how to slowly get back into running so I can train hard for next years xc team and hopefully make it as a walk on?


Everyday just force yourself into a routine where you run either in the morning, afternoon, or when ever you can. It’s important not to break the routine because if you do once, you will most likely do it again. Just go out for an hour at a comfortable pace and keep doing this until you feel you can go a bit faster (like the kenyan’s do. like a progression type run).


The most important part is just getting out the door. Just tell yourself your going for an easy run and if your feeling good then put in a harder workout. I train on my own in college and I find getting out the door is the hardest part, once you do that the rest is easy (relatively…)


Thanks guys I’m giving it a shot it’s just hard sticking to a routine. Its hard getting back into it when you were used to running 10+ miles in high school as a senior and now you have to start from scratch.


Is there a Track Club or Running Club at your school you can train with for the time being? That’ll give you some motivation to train, people to train with, yet there’s not total commitment. You could train with them until you’re back in enough shape to try the varsity team again.


Along with setting a schedule, set some short term goals that keep you on track. Enter a couple road races and set some very reachable goals, and go from there. It will break up the monotony of training and keep you feeling like you are training for something (which you are, but it’s tough when your goal is so far out, like trying out for the XC team).


I had a few buddies who I trained with but they fell outta existence haha. I should call em up soon and get something going again. I like the schedule idea but I’m wondering what should I start out with? I was going to just keep it to timed runs like 20 minutes and up until I have some feeling of comfort and then starting cranking out miles. What do you guys think? Thanks everyone for the responses, this is why dyestat needs to stick around so a runner can get help like this from people who understand whats going on.


take about 4 weeks to get your legs back under you. just run 4-5 miles each day, real easy, and take weekends off. once there isn’t any lingering soreness in your legs start upping the mileage. personally, i prefer to take a very laid back approach to running so i don’t stick to an “increase by 10% each week” type of rule. but if you like that kind of regimentation, then by all means do it.

running is very individual, so ultimately it’s up to you to determine what will get you out the door for your runs. after a while, you find yourself getting your runs in, no matter what. i find this to be a good feeling.

stuff that helps me:

  • people to workout with: helps a bunch to have people to push you when you’re trying to push yourself
  • interesting running routes: i have a couple routes from my house, a couple that i run after school, a couple that are standbys. they’re all fun to run and they change so it’s not too boring.
  • work backward from your long term goal: find out what you need to do to walk on, then plan back from there with “checkpoints”, be they time trials or races, to check your fitness and make sure you’re still on track to make it.
  • don’t overdo it: your goal is to make the varsity team, once you’ve made it you’ll still need to be able to train for the next 12ish weeks at a fairly high level. you don’t want to kill yourself to make the team, then run yourself off it because you can’t train hard enough to stay on.

best of luck to you.


What has helped everyone I know that has been out of shape and trying to get back into it is going 3 mile day, 6 mile day, 3 mile day, 6 mile day, etc. Depending how comfortable you feel with doing that, it will be easy for you to get motivated on the 3 mile days (because the run wont last too long) and you will feel fresh for the 6 mile days (which wont kill you too bad). Sometimes they take off every Sunday until they’re back into shape, depending on the person.


something else that crossed my mind: ask the coach if he’ll give you a copy of the team’s summer program. if he doesn’t have one, make an attempt to run with members of the team over the summer. that way they’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know them and the coach will see that you’re serious about following his training methods.

even if you end up not making the team you’ll probably have some new friends, which is never a bad thing.


He just tells me to run a miles so I am gonna go to my high school coach and have him construct a plan for me since he does know me very well and has offered to coach me during summers if I needed it. I’m gonna go a for a run when I get outta my three hour class right now around 7pm and see how it goes.


Great success! Only 20 minutes but man what a glorious 20 minutes it was!


You need to reestablish that routine- which takes a couple weeks, as people have noted.

Start off doing 20min a day, every day- don’t let anything interfere with this. I mean, factoring in changing, a shower, etc, that’s about 30min a day total. Skip that one episode of Futurama and you’ve got all the time you need.

The next week, run 25 minutes a day, every day. Don’t let anything interfere with these 25 easy minutes.

Keep adding 5min to your runs a week. Once you get to 30min a day, keep one day a week at 30min and add those extra 5 minutes to whatever day you want for a long run.

By 6 weeks, you’ll be at 45min a day, with one 30min day for rest and one 60min day for a “long run.” By this time, you should have your legs back under you, and you might start feeling the urge to hammer the odd run- oblige yourself!

This admittedly overly-gradual buildup will help you reestablish a routine. After a few 20min runs, 25min isn’t going to seem like any big stretch. Likewise, after a bunch of 25min runs, a 30min run won’t seem like anything too insane. Before you know it, you’ll be running an hour a day and ready to knock out some more structured training. Don’t rush into workouts or racing- you’ve got a solid 4 months to build back into shape. It shouldn’t take that long- but you’ve got the time. Use it!