Nearly 20% of Americans still think Obama is a Muslim


Pew poll here. Interestingly, 67% of those who think Obama is Muslim disapprove of his handling of the job situation, while 62% of those who know he is Christian approve of his handling of jobs.


I assume your second sentence is at least partially due to subgroup sample sizes, but that’s still pretty weird.


I noticed the small size too, but I bet you there is a pretty strong correlation. Those who still think Obama worships Islam are either extremely uninformed, or going to disapprove of anything he does.


Whoa, I read that wrong. Thought you had written that more people who thought he was a Muslim approved of his handling of jobs. That would be weird (and possibly be cause to suspect the entire poll).

I’m still surprised the correlation isn’t stronger, actually.


I blame Limbaugh.


I’ve only recently been able to appreciate how much of a genius he is. He’s convinced his more intelligent listeners that the craziest **** he says is all a joke (and to him it probably is a joke; he’s quite happy making vast sums of money), while his less intelligent listeners believe it’s all true and we’re left with a huge number of people whose political inclinations quite literally have nothing to do with reality.


People like to believe something that isn’t true if it fits their hopes and expectations. 20% is a docile number. I’m sure you’d find close to the same percentage believe Gov’t is covering up UFO sightings or that the Military already has climate change weapons.

As to Limbaugh (whom I despise and will not listen to), I will reiterate to all liberals again…at least conservatives weren’t dumb enough to vote in their Limbaugh.

Al Franken was voted in. The equivalent to Limbaugh on the Liberal side.

I don’t believe Obama is Muslim, but I also have a hard time believing he is Christian.


When Al Franken was joking, he made poor-taste digs at conservative notables. Not at minorities, or poor people, or gays and lesbians. That’s the big difference.

Plus, he was a professional comedian, not a professional talk show host.


Why would you doubt his Christianity?


It’s simple: Nearly 20% of Americans are dipshi*s.


That’s really not very shocking when people like this are elected officials in Congress:


God I hate the South…


Louie Gohmert.

Playing to his dipshi* constituency.

I can’t believe I watched the whole thing!!!


I punched my dog and suddenly feel slightly better.


I don’t know how to embed this, but I present Jon Stewart:

Good stuff.


:slight_smile: Ha


Thought everyone might enjoy this slideshow on 13 “Muslim” things that Barack Obama has done.


why doubt his christianity? and al franken doesnt spew nearly as much bullsh*t as limbaugh does, and limbaugh isnt really a person conservatives like to listen to, he is a person really unintelligent people like to listen too. Dumb people like to listen to him because then they can get really angry with and agree with limbaugh about some random bull that limbaugh says. These people believe whatever comes out of limbaughs mouth, and theyll be like “oh i heard the other day on the radio that it obama is going to mandate that all people convert to islam, and hes going to redistribute wealth so much that bill gates will have as much money as any average man on the street”, dumb people like feeling like they have a political stance and that they are very knowledgeable of whats going on, so they listen to rush limbaugh and believe whatever crap he says, no matter how extreme it is. And as eh said limbaugh knows the stuff he says isnt true, but he knows a lot of stupid people will believe it and intelligent people he is able to convince hes just spewing crap to get money, which he is. Limbaugh actually has good knowledge of politics most likely, but actually saying things which are true will not make him as much money.


Some more interesting links.

Billy Graham’s son says Obama was “born a Muslim.”

NYMag’s take on an article saying that Obama being blamed for “Muslim problem.” ([URL=“”]The article itself)


Wrong there. The guy had his own radio show and was one of the key players in the founding of Air America.


He HAS to be a Muslim!!! When a barber asked him about his name 25 years ago, asking if he was a Muslim, Barack answered “my grandfather was”.

How does that NOT show he’s a Muslim?!?!?! :rolleyes: LOL.

This is actually being cited by the right as “proof” he’s a Muslim.


That’s true; I had forgotten about that.

I still stand by what I said before about exactly who Franken and Limbaugh make fun of.