NCAA Wrestling


Dake (Cornell) and Taylor (PSU) for the title tonight at 165 lbs. The Match of the Decade.

(Will be the final match of the night)


It’s good to see College Wrestling getting some (any) publicity. Been a long while.

The implementation of Title IX has decimated that sport at the college level.


How will the IOC’s decision to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport impact the college program?


Never wrestled but always have respected the sport. There is nowhere to hide out there. A great sport to build character and self respect.


didnt realize they were taking it out. pretty ridiculous if you ask me, considering the sports history at the olympics, it was an event at the ancient olympics and the inaugural 1896 games, cant believe the ioc thinks golf belongs but wrestling doesnt:confused:


Agree… but at least Golf has an objective way of keeping score. Don’t get me started on IOC “sports” like Synchronized Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Snowboard Half-Pipe (aka “Stoner Ballet”), etc, etc…


Very well stated. Same here. Did not come to love wrestling until my Freshman year at Lehigh. A great, great sport.

165 lbs coming up !




Agreed, I wish I would have wrestled when I had the chance.

Have gotten very into wrasslin’ as my enjoyment for MMA grows. What Dake did was phenomenal, but I’ll always be a bigger fan of Taylor— constantly going for scoring (or pinning) dominance. Such a fun wrestler to watch.

Excited for McIntosh of PSU to see what he’s like after his red shirt-- he was a beast in HS and had some of the most dominate matches.

It’ll be interesting with the olympics situation— and for me personally, who makes the leap to MMA.

Hendricks vs. Askren is an interesting comparison as Hendricks has chosen to abandon his base a bit and choose excitement, whereas Askren refuses to do anything but wrestle.


So what happened?