NCAA West Heat Sheets



I normally do not predict but
Merber thru to finals and I think he is going to take the title this year.


Can you explain your logic? IMO, there’s a better chance that he doesn’t get out of the region than winning nationals.


wineturtle i rarely see you letting your bias cloud your better judgment, but i think this is one of those cases. Merber had 1 great performance at swarthmore last year, and has never come close to repeating that performance again. He is a solid runner, but i dont see him coming close to a national title.


Unspecialist, I 100% agree with you and I was a Big Merber supporter Not a factor at last years’s NCAAs or anything else now in a while.

I have no idea how someone would predict him as a winner, I would think it good if he got out of Regions on past form.

Wineturtle? Between this and the Sowinski constant stumping , all the way over to Letsrun…I am wondering, if you have been on the King99 refreshments plan?


what is wrong with being on the king99 refreshments plan? I find it rather fun at times :smiley:


Not a thing. some of my best work is done that way!!:smiley:


I’ve been following Merber since he was a HS relay runner. I am a fan of the young man behind the runner. Academic All American, Ivy League Grad, Let’s say ONE GOOD RACE* , grad school. Level headed thoughtful young man who keeps a healthy dose of adventure and whimsy in his life.
like many athletes he suffered an injury that disrupted his training for a long while— yet he has been “Kyle” all through-out the crappy times.
Every HSer posting here-heck every HSer period should watch The Real Maine. A group of athletes 'going for a dream" … Just like Frick and Sowinski I’m a fan of the young men behind the performer.
Now as to predictions I see many of you guys predicting this and that with assumptions cut from whole cloth. I rarely predict yet I’m going out on Mother Goose’s Dark and Foreboding Limb here. Point out how I did after the race has been run. I invite the conversation that is what we do here we have conversation about a sport we all love and the people in it. When one of our own is involved I find no shame in cheerleading.

  • as to the one good race watch the XC in the freezing snow race.


hell i am all for cheering for the underdog and i certainly admit that in the past i have personal favorites that i cheer for (see Derrick, Chris). That being said, i do think it is important to keep expectations in check on athlete’s performances. Last year it was not unreasonable to predict merber for the 1500 title, after all he had run the top time in the NCAA (or awfully close to it) to that point. He has shown nothing close to that this year, and it isnt exactly like he has been a monster in slow races either.

FAKE EDIT: call me soft or spoiled by SD weather, but there is absolutely nothing fun about standing outside in the cold/snow watching people race in my book lol.


Merber has run the second fastest time in season in NCAA history, it was a magic carpet night for him and so far MCEntee, who has run under 4 before and since on relays , so did Jordy Williamz who beat McEntee that night but was not at Villanova yet, so not a collegian, when you look at that list it is littered with really really good and great guys, I root for him every result I look for.

1 (1) Sydney MAREE 56 Villanova 3:35.30 6/6/1981 Baton Rouge, La. NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships
2 (2) Kyle MERBER SR Columbia 3:35.59 5/14/2012 Swarthmore, Pa. Tuppany Twilight Last Chance Meet
3 (3) Abdi BILE 62 George Mason 3:35.79 6/6/1987 Baton Rouge, La. NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships
4 (4) Brian HYDE William and Mary 3:35.84 5/13/1995 Chapel Hill, N.C.
(4) Joe FALCON 66 Arkansas 3:35.84 4/16/1988 Fayetteville, Ark. John McDonnell Invitational
6 (6) Miles BATTY BYU 3:36.25 4/15/2011 Walnut, Calif. Mt. SAC Relays
7 (7) Joaquim CRUZ 63 Oregon 3:36.48 6/2/1984 Eugene, Ore. NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships
8 (8) Kevin SULLIVAN 74 Michigan 3:36.62 5/15/1998
9 (9) Lawi LALANG SO Arizona 3:36.77 4/29/2012 Palo Alto, Calif. Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational
10 (10) Sam MCENTEE SO Villanova 3:36.81 5/14/2012 Swarthmore, Pa. Tuppany Twilight Last Chance Meet


No need to get in your wayback machine and get your tootsies chilly. Al Gore’s internet will bring it to you


A bit off topic, but when I was looking at the lists, I was reminded how good Willis was back when he was in school. I mean the guy ran 3:32 every summer from 2004 (his sophomore year) to 2006 (I believe when he went pro). Hard to believe the only individual title he won was an indoor mile.


Having the West Region in Austin in bad for distance runners from the north. Supposed to be 86 degrees at 10k start tonight.


are either of these regionals on the internet any where??


West prelims info should be here…

Actual link to today is here…


i found the west, thanks. no east broadcast???


Sadly …no…see East thread in this forum…


Hasay does not move on to the NCAA 10K final. Ouch.

Apparently the heat got to her according to quotes from her.


East Prelim streaming is here (


Is this link working? I’m getting nothing