NCAA Startlists


How is this for a bummer of a seeding in the 800 (Top 2 + 2 fastest Qualify)

Heat 1 Prelims
1 Chris Slate SR Clemson 1:48.86
2 Ryan Waite SR BYU 1:48.80
3 Austin Mudd FR Wisconsin 1:48.32
4 Charles Jock SR UC Irvine 1:47.93
5 Casimir Loxsom JR Penn State 1:47.69
6 Ryan Martin SR UC Santa Barbara 1:47.79
7 Donte Holmes SR Delaware State 1:48.33
8 Lance Roller SR Virginia 1:48.55
Heat 2 Prelims
1 Shawn Roberts JR Georgia Tech 1:48.97
2 Howard Shepard JR LSU 1:47.87
3 Samuel Ellison SO Villanova 1:47.76
4 Curtis Beach SO Duke 1:47.75
5 Aaron Evans SR Georgia 1:47.31
6 Felix Kitur SR VMI 1:47.96
7 Harry McFann SO Columbia 1:48.78
8 Darrin Gibson JR Florida State 1:48.84
Heat 3 Prelims
1 Boru Guyota SO Oregon 1:48.98
2 David Pachuta SR Minnesota 1:47.78
3 James Eichberger JR Arizona 1:47.64
4 Erik Sowinski SR Iowa 1:47.12
5 Ricky West JR Missouri 1:46.65
6 Elijah Greer JR Oregon 1:48.38
7 Edward Kemboi SO Iowa State 1:48.85
8 Harun Abda JR Minnesota 1:49.17

How would you like to make it all the way to the NCAAs and find yourself in a HEAT with 2 1:44 guys and Loxsom???

Not too happy with heat 3 in the men’s 400 either. 2 + 2 again . . .

Heat 3 Prelims
1 Zwede Hewitt SR Baylor 46.28
2 Patrick Feeney SO Notre Dame 46.27
3 Joey Hughes SR USC 46.08
4 Torrin Lawrence SR Georgia 45.74
5 Gil Roberts SR Texas Tech 45.41
6 Tony McQuay JR Florida 45.51
7 Josh Mance SO USC 45.82
8 Quincy Downing FR LSU 46.18

Hughes, Lawrence, Roberts, McQuay and Mance all in one heat. Ouch. Meanwhile:

1 Clayton Parros JR North Carolina 46.30
2 Neil Braddy SO Arkansas 46.19
3 Jarrell Elliott SR N.C. A&T 46.03
4 Brady Gehret SO Penn State 45.56
5 David Verburg JR George Mason 45.08
6 Daundre Barnaby JR Miss State 45.85
7 Riker Hylton SR LSU 45.89
8 Kyle Clemons JR Kansas 46.19
Heat 2 Prelims
1 Jamel Wood JR Oklahoma 46.35
2 Robert Simmons SR LSU 46.05
3 Bryshon Nellum SR USC 45.51
4 Deon Lendore FR Texas A&M 45.28
5 Mike Berry SO Oregon 44.86
6 Errol Nolan JR Houston 45.92
7 Akheem Gauntlett JR Arkansas 46.00
8 Ade Alleyne-Forte SR LSU 46.22

Come to think of it: on closer look Berry, Lendore and Nellum is awfully ghastly at the top end . . . just not as many names as #3.

Goes to show, it is a solid year when ending up in a heat with Gehret and Verburg looks good.


GF finds himself in rather a tough heat as well, top 5 +2

Heat 1 Prelims
1 Zach Dahleen JR So. Illinois 3:46.83
2 Josh Munsch SO Kansas 3:45.11
3 Erik Berg JR Brown 3:46.95
4 German Fernandez JR Okla. State 3:46.58
5 Duncan Phillips SR Arkansas 3:46.21
6 Andrew Bayer JR Indiana 3:45.44
7 Kyle Merber SR Columbia 3:45.89
8 Chris O’Hare JR Tulsa 3:46.37
9 Johnathan Shawel SR Notre Dame 3:46.26
10 Michael Hammond JR Virginia Tech 3:46.31
11 Ryan Hill JR N.C. State 3:45.62
12 Miles Batty SR BYU 3:45.88

Heat 2 Prelims
1 Patrick McGregor JR Texas 3:44.26
2 Patrick Casey JR Oklahoma 3:44.34
3 Lawi Lalang SO Arizona 3:43.12
4 Eric Harasyn SR Oklahoma 3:43.55
5 Patrick Todd JR Virginia 3:46.96
6 Trevor Van Ackeren SR Princeton 3:48.73
7 Rich Peters SO Boston U. 3:48.36
8 Rob Finnerty JR Wisconsin 3:42.93
9 Erik van Ingen SR Binghamton 3:48.37
10 Nick Hutton JR Minnesota 3:44.64
11 Brett Johnson JR Virginia 3:48.99
12 Sam McEntee SO Villanova 3:48.73


Tough draw for Austin Mudd, getting to race all the 800m studs in the first heat… He’s fun to watch. Still only a FR though.

And keep an eye on Munsch in the 1500. I raced him when he was still in high school. He can shake up with those guys in a slow race.


I didn’t realize this about Puskedra:

Four months ago, shortly after his impressive road racing debut of 1:01:36 at the 2012 Aramco Half Marathon in Houston, he was lying on his couch on Super Bowl Sunday, when he felt pain in his abdomen.
“At first I thought it was food poisoning and I was being weak,” Puskedra said. “But my girlfriend convinced me to go to the emergency room.”
It’s a good thing he listened.
As it turned out, Puskedra suffered a ruptured appendix. He spent five days in the hospital after undergoing an emergency appendectomy, and subsequently, lost five to six weeks of crucial training.
“My coaches helped me out,” Puskedra said. “They made sure I wasn’t coming back too quickly.”


quick and dirty


Gotta love tonight’s 10,000 match up . . .

Levins, Derrick, Sambu and Puskedra = All Seniors.

Blood on the Track
Death Match


looks like loxsom has a ready-made excuse when he blows up and doesnt make finals again.


Loxsom does indeed. He (and Jock and Martin) are almost forced into a quick pace in their heat. Hopefully they can all pull it off. Loxsom ran very solidly last year - I’d love to see him continue to improve.

Men’s Discus note - Crouser and Finley sneak into the final 3 throws as the 8th and 9th qualifiers (only 9 get all 6 attempts) but then improve to 4th and 2nd.

Crouser ended up 4th with a 196 toss and Finley stole 2nd place with his last throw just over 200 feet. Chad Wright, a soph from Nebraska, takes the whole shebang at 206.


Decathlon finishes the first day:

Kurt Felix (Boise St) 4187
Gunnar Nixon (Ar) 4177
Nick Huber (Cornell) 4065
Bjorn Barrefors (Nebraska) 4053
Isaac Murphy (Texas ) 4024
Kevin Lazas (Ar) 4025

Cato - 10th in 3920 and Keys in 16th in 3789

Barroilhet, the favorite going in, sits in 13th. Ouch.


Where’s Goodwin in the long jump? Isn’t even showing up in the results.


They were briefly playing ‘Mr. Jones’ on the feed, and have now switched to ‘Party Rock’. This speaks to larger issues, but my brain hurts too much to figure out what they are.


This feed of which you speak… where might I find it?



No surprise there. Time was respectable at least so Loxsom might get in on time.


I believe they are currently only showing flight 1.


Thanks. Thought it would be a lot sketchier than that.


Beach the decathlete at least for now. Eliminated on time just from the first heat.


That would explain it.

And 1:48 for Beach in 3rd in the second semi-final. Competing well, but his semi went out in 53.3. Too bad.



To be fair, that first heat was very, very fast. (EDIT: I mean in terms of talent; the times weren’t phenomenal I suppose.)


Impressive recovery for Sowinsky.