NCAA Indoor Nationals


Oregon vs. Florida. That’d be an interesting dual meet.


Ches showing quite the burst today. Soratos looks like he is going to make it fast tomorrow in the final, making a long stretch of days for Ed.


Even though I’ve seen it so many times now, I am still blown away every time by Cheserek’s acceleration. I would not want to be on the other end of a head-to-head battle with him… That being said, I’m really looking forward to Soratos trying. He looked so smooth and confident today, but I feel like with the finishing speed Ches has, the only way Soratos can win is to go to the front from a long way out (1000m+). Should be an exciting race regardless.


Trayvon Bromwell ARK 20.23 prelims
Only Spearmon and Fredericks have recorded shorter times


Must have been the frustration from the FS in the 60. :frowning:

Number 3 all time is insane. His outdoor best is 20.59 from last year and his indoor best was 20.69 from earlier this season.

Bodes well.


I was talking with another coach at our school, and he feels strongly that Bromell is a future medalist at Olympics/World Champs.


I see no reason this couldn’t happen.

Personally I believe if you can run something wind aided you can do it with legal wind as well with the right training. That means that as a junior this kid had 9.77 brewing in him. That is incredible potential.

This 20.19 indoors in the 200 only serves notice that this young man is very special.

I have had some concerns about his height but that is more based on WR potential as opposed to medal potential.

Right now you have an aging Bolt, a questionable Blake and Gatlin. Gay will probably remain in the mix but I don’t think he will be in 2016.

Beyond those 4 there is nothing particularly scary out there. I’m not worried at all about Richard Thompson.

Here’s to hoping Bromell and Friday are the future.


7 posts!? This board is dying isn’t it?

No love for Jenkins??? No shock with his win in the 5 but beating Ches in the 3 was a big surprise for me. That boy might have a future.

Denby doubles over 27 and hits 57 even on his last triple that is a fantastic meet.

CR for Barber and huge improvement for Blankenship to top 19 (5.80).

Did Prandini do too much? Great sprint heats and then …

Outdoors time baby.


I’m a huge Jenkins fan and did think going into that 3000 that he would beat ches, but to do it by holding the lead from a long way out AND to close in 25 for the final 200 was really something. Will definitely be watching his results closely outdoors.