Maybe passed thru on time, Glass, that is? Not sure yet


He is in on time 10th


…on last throw of 19.43 (63-9). Series here


Very nice and Mozia 5th.


Michelle Brown 52.55 moves on to Eugene. Lotsa times in the 52s for her this year.


Rachel Watkins on to Eugene! Errol Jeffrey as well. Go Hawks!


HUUUUUGE race for Patrick Rono: 1:46.49 for 2nd behind Greer to advance.

Jonathan Petit-Homme with another PR, 51.60 this time to advance as well.

Lots of other folks, but those two stand out.


while it was not in the East, GTK you are so right, it deseved its own WEST thread, Rono’s run was huge, his talent IS huge, he had just had a really spotty year this year, I always thought he would go faster proportionately at 15 than 8, but what do I know.Maybe next year for that.

This was a break thru


I always pictured Rono as more of a 1500 talent than 800 too. This time is awesome and just maybe he will be better at 15 than 8 at some point but for now he’s become a force at the 800. Congrats to him.


Lauren Penney punches her ticket to Eugene in the 5000…


Michelle Brown 51.38 anchoring Notre Dame to a terrific 3:32.43 win in the 4x400.

EDIT: I am told by someone who was there that Michelle ran the 2nd leg not the anchor as the results show and her split was 51-high/52-low.