Another PR for Sparta’s Erika Veidis in 2:04.69 taking 2nd in her heat and auto advancing.

Chelsea Cox wins the first section.

Nijgia Snapp 2:07.59 and Julie Sinkovitz 2:08.48.


Jonathan Petit-Homme 51.90 - I’m assuming that goes through, 13th fastest time.

Sean Lunkenheimer - 52.14, 21st fastest time.


Michelle Brown 52.81 to win heat 2.


Clayton Parros 45.73, Najee Glass 46.16


Watching West right now.

Rono in about 45

where are East results?



Also should be live video tomorrow and Saturday…news_id=150611


rono advances easily in 2nd behind Elijah Green 1:48 mid


Thanks Escalator


congrats to Kevin McDonnell [Moorestown, Camden Catholic] on punching his ticket to Eugene!

Event 8 Men 10000 M

One round. 1 heat. Advance top 12 to Eugene
Double waterfall start.Random lanes.Top 18 in front row on main
Next 9 in front on staggered. Next 18 in 2nd row of main
Remainder on second stagger
American: A 26:48.00 9/16/2011 Galen Rupp, Nike
College Best: C 27:08.49 5/1/2010 Sam Chelanga, Liberty
NCAA Meet: M 28:01.30 6/1/1979 Suleiman Nyambui, Texas-El
Name Year School Prelims

1 Paul Katam JR UNC-Greensboro 29:50.22Q
2 Michael Fout SR Florida State 29:54.22Q
3 Andrew Springer JR Georgetown 29:57.14Q
4 Michael Franklin SR Princeton 29:57.31Q
5 Chris Bendtsen JR Princeton 29:59.15Q
6 Kevin McDonnell SR St. Joseph’s (Pa.) 29:59.82Q
7 Thomas Porter JR Virginia 30:00.23Q
8 Mike Murphy SR Columbia 30:00.54Q
9 Zachary Mayhew SR Indiana 30:01.05Q
10 Breandan O’Neill SR Florida State 30:01.28Q
11 Thijs Nijhuis SO Eastern Kentucky 30:01.70Q
12 Maksim Korolev JR Harvard 30:02.08Q


Don’t forget Brigitte Mania from uconn 2:05 11th fastest through to next round also


And Michael Franklin of mendham!


Congrats to Katie Kellner of Cornell for winning the 10,000 in 33:17.39 !


Senior (or is it alum now?) Rachel Watkins of Monmouth is through to the quarter finals tonight in the 400h. Another huge drop in her PR to 58.32!. Something to be said for doing just one event. This is an athlete who has been doing at least 3 events (with prelims and sometimes semis) every meet for years. High jumper, hurdler, 400m, 400h, 4x400 team… You name it.

Good luck tonight Rachel!


Jim Rosa just misses out, 15th in the West 10k in 30:36.

Akheem Gauntlett 46.14, through, tied for the top time with Bryshon Nellum.

Jillian Smith, 4:21, first girl out in the 1500.

Arianna Neutts 4:29 also didn’t advance.

Ford Palmer, 4:01, doesn’t advance in the men’s 1500.

Michelle Brown, 52.81, 5th fastest

Brad Paternostro goes through, 1:49.79.

Monroe Kearns doesn’t advance.

Sarah Pagano doesn’t advance in the W 10k.

Matt Valeriani and Mark Leninger don’t advance in the M 10k.


is there some place the east qualifiers are listed without just the time listing on the nca&t site??


if you click on “official” results, instead of “live results”, you’ll get the qualifiers listed and heat breakdown.


ok. thanks.


Stephen Mozia (189-5) to finals in DT
Sam Mattis finishes 13th just misses


Najee glass , parros matchup right now


Parros wins in 46.60 Glass out 4th in this heat