NCAA East Heat Sheets



Does anyone know where there is a live stream for the East meet?

Supposedly West is being done, but I cannot find anything for the East?


Perhaps here? Seems like they did last year’s…it does not appear on the schedule (second link)


good man!!! looks like that runnerspace link might do it?

NCCA link has nothing but DII and D III?


That’s what it looks like sadly. I think they are only doing Championships 6/5 to 6/8.


Dang - guess I am not a good man. All Runnerspace has is live results not video


Runnerspace now says they will live video Friday and Saturday.


when I watch a high caliber 800 go out in 56.25, I say what can some of these guys be thinking, more than 3/4 of them cannot close down in 54 off that, they totally eliminate themselves, from winning and getting in on time


On the other hand 50.25 , and then in in 56.9 is one way to get out of trouble and coast I guess?



Loxsom has wheels, he just took PSU from 5th to almost dead even in 4 x4 which they won their heat