NCAA D3 Nationals


Good representation in the longer events of former Wisconsin HS runners in the NCAA D3 meet.

Looks like:
1 mile:
Paul Escher
Dennis Haak

Dawson Miller
Patrick Jenkins
Nate Routhier

Patrick Jenkins
Paul VanGrinsven
Nate Routhier
Ian LaMere

The following colleges have WI HS runners listed:
UW-Stevens Point
UW-La Crosse
(note: UW-Eau Claire is also in it, but none of the runners are from WI)

Should be some good races to watch this weekend.


Dawson Miller qualified in the mile also so I take it he didn’t declare for it. Maybe to be fresh for the DMR or to focus on 3000.
Nice to see Lamere make it since he was hurt for a good portion of the season and was right on the cusp of a top 15 time.
Routhier looked very strong running a 14:25 at the WIAC championship meet. He was DQ’d foe a lane violation.
DMR teams from Eau Claire, Whitewater, Stevens Point, LaCrosse and Oshkosh will also be competing.


Jenkins and LaMere are All-Americans in the 5k.


What happened to Whitewaters dmr? DQ’d for pacing?


Their lead-off dropped the baton so they were out of it early and mailed it in. Miller was 2 laps down then sped up for a few laps to help pace Thorson to catch the Amherst anchor. Miller gave a point to the EC fans and got a huge round of applause as he was jogging it in.

WIAC solidarity I suppose.


Anyone know what happened to VanGrinsven and Routhier in the 5000? They both were well off what they are capable of running.


VanGrinsven went for it around lap 6 or 7 and went hard, him and PJ were running 1-2 for a few laps, then he started falling back and then hit a wall bad. Routhier fell back and IMO it looked like when he realized he was out of AA contention he just chilled so he could save it for the 3k tomorrow. I could be completely wrong though obviously.


DQ’ing WW was straight bull****. That Amherst kid was dying, bad. He went out in 56, then was at 3:01 at 1200 and finished with a 69. Thorson was about to make him look absolutely silly. Dawson made it a little easier for Thorson to get going, and it was an awesome show of sportsmanship and WIAC solidarity. When he pointed over to the fans it gave me chills, so cool. It’s unreal that that stuff can happen at a national event like this, shows how close these guys are on and off the track. I’m not bashing D1 by any means, but you just wouldn’t see this kind of stuff at that level.


“He went out in 56, then was at 3:01 at 1200 and finished with a 69.” 3:01 and 69 would give him a 4:10 1600 or roughly a 4:11.5 mile. Are you saying Thorson ran that guy down from behind? Any idea what Thorson’s split was?
Looks like that race was the two point difference EC needed to take down LC for the team title.


Even though the Amherst guy was a sitting duck the rules are pretty clear on no pacing by lapped runners (and it was quite obviously pacing). Dawson was still able to run in the 3k and Urbanski/Denu were on their 4x4 so it was more of a slap on the wrist anyway.

Amherst wasn’t even in the lead (NCC, EC, and Lax handed off together with Amherst in 4th IIRC) until their anchor took off when he got the baton. Not sure on splits but Thorson was probably around 3 seconds faster than the Amherst guy.


Fitz, thanks. Still sounds like one heck of a leg by Thorson, paced or not. I would have loved to have seen that race in person. Thanks again


Thorson’s split was in the 4:05 range. For someone whose PR is 4:13.88, that’s a gross split. Gotta think he would go 4:07 in an open race. He doubled back for 3rd in the 3k the next day then and ran 8:11 for a 6 second pr. He’s only a sophomore, this kid is the real deal, I think we’ll be seeing a few individual national titles from him in the next 2 years.