NBON 2011 Results Thread


Zavon Watkins 1:48x anchor for Sprint Medley. He’s back bitches.

I mean, they got 5th, but like wow he’s so clutch.

1Indy Elite TC-IN3:24.56 Tyrennzie Burgess (11)DeQuinton Wallace (11)Jeron Brown (11)Connor Claflin (11)
(1) 1:52.31 - 3:24.56
3 (1) 2Lake Weir TC-FL3:26.37 AJ Davis (11)Karando Douglas (12)Nick Smith (12)Isaiah Smith (11)
(2) 1:52.86 - 3:26.37
3 (2) 3Longwood TC-NY3:26.52 Joe Payton (11)Blake Evans (11)Mark Jackson (11)Joe Fuller (11)
(3) 1:53.21 - 3:26.52
3 (3) 4Chester Valley RC-PA3:27.71 Demetrius McCary (12)Kevin Cox (11)Eddie Burgess (11)Ned Willig (12)
(4) 1:51.39 - 3:27.71
3 (4) 5Liverpool TC-NY3:27.77 Steve Fiorello (12)Ryan Ronk (12)Keewon Rondinello (12)Zavon Watkins (12)
(5) 1:48.85 - 3:27.77
3 (5)


Cain from Bronxville split 2:03.7, out in 58.X. ridiculous


wowwww LB poly 4X8 national record

also those bronxville girls are 3 freshman and one sophomore I believe


Great Race!!!


thats the first thing I said


7:28 NR Long Beach Poly




1:47 anchor beast mode


I didn’t think the anchor of the team in front of LBPoly would hold on for so long, it made things very interesting…


I have seen a lot of ****

I have never seen anything like that’

When I saw Lukezic’s team ru 7:32.xx I thought wow that will be tough

When I saw Albermarle and Morris Hills at Penn, I said I could never see a 4 x 8 better 7:30 to 7:21 lower than what Poly had run until today

Then I saw this? and a 1:47.71 to do it? OBSCENE!!


And the girl’s anchor Mary Cain: absolutely the real deal!


1:47.71 split. That’s crazy.

Is he in the open 8?


Folks have split faster

FitzSimons went 1:47.15 last year

I think Webb went 1:47 lower as did Slyvester but that IS IT

Those are the fastes 4 x 8 splits that I know of ,of all time


Point of reference: Zavon Watkins split 1:47.99 as a sophomore and 1:48 earlier today, but Andrewws’ run was absolutely brillant and I believe he is in the open 8.


Check the entries, but with all due respect I would be shocked if Watkins or Myles Andrews can beat Mudd who is fresh and a 4:01.xx miler and 47.x relay guy

watkins should never have been used on that team which must have has a 24.xx 200 in a sprint med or a 53.x 400 guy

why waste him there? I get the team thing by the way

I would say, I looked at the Poly guys running every one of them and said to myself, holey crap they all look like major DI talents, the 1:55 guy gets a pass as he was way out and hard to navigate that

I thought 7:30 which is 1:52.5 per guy was un breakable, excuse me, it was not.


Freshman Mary Cain is a beast.

Jantzen is running the mile, sub 4 maybe?


Let’s nip this one in the bud.



Literally almost puked all the ice cream I ate at work.


amazing race from Poly and great effort by Charlotte HS. I think LB Poly has what it takes to be a juggernaut at the 4x800 where 49+ second 400m runners probably don’t make their 4x4 teams year after year.


To describe that 4x800m race,

David Byrne said it best

“This aint no Party
This aint no Disco
This aint NO FOOLIN AROUND”:cool: