NBA 2011-12 Season Thread


Miami is going to trade LeBron for Dwight Howard.


Josh McRoberts:o Sure glad Indiana filed the wrong paperwork with the NBA. I did not mind moving Mayo, but not for McRoberts. And after the playoffs Mayo had, there is no way he goes for a McRoberts level player now.

Not sure if your serious or not, but (yes I know, I listen to way to much sports radio) the local sports station was tossing out exactly that scenario after the Howard comments. Miami needs someone down low, some kind of bad. Lebron needs to be the man, IMO. He does not need to be surrounded by all-stars, but he does need to be surrounded by better players than he had in Cleveland. The situation would be good for Lebron and even better for Miami. This could be a possibility.

Miami with Howard>Miami with James. Not saying Howard is better, just saying Miami would be better.


It’s probably not going to happen, but its more than reasonable. If Lebron goes, the Heat still have Mike Miller and James Jones to play small forward and will actually have a good center. At the same time, Orlando will have no center and have to pickup a descent one in either within this trade or in a seperate one.


Trading a forward for a center wouldn’t do much good for the team, even more so for Wade. Miami is probably going to clean house except for the big 3, UD, Miller, and maybe Chalmers(I want him to stay). The Dynasty will come.


If there is no NBA next year then the Spurs and Celtics are done. I think the Lakers can still challenge but Kobe has to accept a new role and can’t be a volume shooter, they also need to add a point guard. I love Fisher but he doesn’t cut it anymore. Chicago might actually benefit (relatively) from a full season lockout because they need to add pieces and next summer should be more promising. I don’t think the Thunder have to do anything other than get Westbrooks head straight or convince Chris Paul to come there. Knicks should be interesting but it’s hard to take them seriously until they start playing defense.


Skip Bayless might be the dumbest person in sports. He posted his top 5 NBA players at the moment on twitter as Dwade, Dirk, Kobe, Durant and Melo.
A top 5 without LeBron and Dwight is just stupid. Melo is also a fringe top 10 player.


Actually I’m pretty sure Rob Parker is way dumber. Between him, Skip, and those “two live Stews”, that show is pretty hard to watch at times (ok most of the time).

Also ridiculous is the sudden talk of Dirk being the best player in the league. Yes, he played better than anyone in the playoffs. Does that make him the best player? Absolutely not.


Skip Bayless is an elite troll.


I’ve considered Dirk as top 5 in the league for a while, but never the very best.

My top 5- Lebron, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant.


This. He knows what he is doing. They line up a bunch of puppets for him too. Rob Parker is a moron who isn’t taken seriously in his home state of Michigan. The 2 live stews are a joke. Jemelle Hill just plays the race card on everything. The only time it’s good is when Chris Brousard is on.

On another note, if someone shot Dana Jacobsen in the face I wouldn’t be that upset, just saying.


Rubio to announce his decision tomorrow


Anybody who really thinks Carmelo Anthony is a top-5 NBA player is a complete moron. Or Spike Lee. Or both.


melo is def a top 10 player. if he put just a percent more effort into defense i’d say he could move into the top 5. he’s one of the top 3 offensive players in the league, if not the best



No one was bitching that the celtics got older, or at least most people weren’t. The celtics just happened to have a bit of bad luck with injuries between shaq and rondo (who when both playing together made a really good team)

  1. Lebron
  2. CP3 with 2 knees
  3. Howard
  4. Dirk
  5. Wade
  6. Durant
  7. Melo
  8. Diet Rose


My top 10 looks like this:

  1. LeBron
  2. Howard
  3. Dirk
  4. Wade
  5. CP3
  6. Rose
  7. Durant
  8. Kobe
  9. DWill
  10. Amare

I don’t think Melo is a top 10 player and I don’t believe his top 3 offensively with at least LeBron, Durant and Dirk being better.


I like yours, but I might sub in LaMarcus Aldridge for Amar’e. On the fringe of my top 10 are Melo, Westbrook, and Randolph.


DWill is a good find as an omission on my part. Although, he’ll be wasted on the Nets next year.


I read this the funny way and imagined him like Ron Artest taking shots of Patron during halftime.



Lol Da Bulls!