NBA 2011-12 Season Thread


Miami Dynasty?!!?!


too soon


the year of Rubio


nuggets - knicks finals


I’m going on record again saying he is overrated.


I think it’s the opposite actually. He is by far the best high school aged PG I’ve ever seen play as off the 2008 olympics.


how can he be overrated when half the people think the guy can’t even play in the NBA and is a bust of a draft pick?

I like Rubio and think he’ll be a pretty good PG in the NBA. Similar playing style to a current Jason Kidd. Nice size at 6’5’’, pesky defender, great court vision and passing ability, good ability to run the offense and manage the team. If he can knock down open 3s and add a pull up J from midrange he will be very tough.


lebron james will never win an nba title


Looking forward to seeing OKC this season.


What an awful OP.


I think the Thunder and the Grizzlies are going to tear through the west.

If the Bulls can get one more perimeter person, they will be the best in the east. I think the Heat are not going to be able to keep things glued together. Wade could get hurt, Miller most surely will, Bosh (rarely being interviewed after the games) may start getting disgruntled. It will be interesting to watch for sure.


This thread should be locked once they lockout the NBA.


K-Love MVP


This. There was such a big deal made this summer when Miami signed the “Three Kings.” Now its just D-Wade and LeBron. Bosh is a good player, but he’s not up to par IMO with these two, but probably thinks he is because of the big signing and everything, and wouldn’t be surprised if he gets disgruntled.




This, and we should create general basketball thread like there now is for hockey, so that there isn’t a new one each season.


The bulls need a good perimeter player to compete with Miami, I’m thinking that they should either get Marcus Thornton who I believe is becoming a free agent, or if they still gave their late first round pick they should get my man Marshon Brooks from PC.


They were reporting here in Memphis that Chicago might make a play for OJ Mayo.

I’m not sure if Memphis wants to touch its roster right now. I think they like it as is, though they were trying to unload Mayo at the deadline.


I hope that the Mavs resign Chandler, according Fran BlineBury’s article on the celtics and the heat are trying to get him, and they are the last two teams I’d want to see Chandler go to. The Mavs need to try and get some young talent, and what they already have. I’m saying resign Barea, although its tough to distinguish who to get rid of between him and Beaubois.

Great job by the Dallas big 3 of Dirk, Terry and Kidd. Dirk is 33, Terry is 34, and Kidd is 38, and none of them were out for a really long time during the season. Maybe Celtics fans should learn by their example, all they do is ■■■■■ about how the Celts are getting old. The Dallas big 3 are the same age or older, and don’t have an amazing young talent like Rondo. Same goes to the Lakers.


Who was supposed to go the other way?