Bosley with 7th at Nike gives him a legitimate shot to win foot locker if he can recover



Of the boys that beat Bosley only dan kilrea is at footlocker. Although Bosley unleashed a kick, what was more impressive is he was there the entire race a few seconds off the lead at the mile and 12th at the 2 mile. He did not run with the lead group of 4 which included Kilrea but he still ran a very aggressive race and is the Second best underclassman to the California runner who closed well to get third. Actually the California boy who came out of nowhere to get third. If he chooses to kilrea can break footlocker open at the 1.5 mile mark, but 2 of the last 3 times he has done this he has been caught and so he may not do this or if he does and a pack chases him I could see Bosley with the top kick in the pack who could rail him in. Although Bosley was only 3 spots away from kilrea he really was not in the top 5 race, he ran as good as he could and as smart as he could to get 7th. Best wisconsin underclassman since solinsky and I think the third best ever (@zen I forgot how hacker and lacy did as juniors I thought hacker was top 5 if I’m wrong Bosley is our second best underclassman ever footlocker Kinney and Nike combined)


Wisconsin results:

7 BOSLEY, DREW JR 14 HEARTLAND-1 – 15:24.5 0:21.5 4:57.3 3:04.9 4:54.1 (24) 9:54.7 (12)
28 MEINKE, MATT JR 16 HEARTLAND-3 – 15:45.1 0:42.1 5:03.9 3:09.0 4:58.7 (73) 10:11.4 (46)
65 EASTON, CALEB JR 80 MIDDLETON 32 16:06.4 1:03.4 5:10.7 3:13.3 5:03.3 (113) 10:20.3 (74)
67 SCHIEK, WESLEY SR 18 HEARTLAND-5 – 16:07.3 1:04.3 5:11.0 3:13.4 4:54.9 (28) 10:19.5 (71)
97 JAEGER, SAM SR 77 MIDDLETON 53 16:23.8 1:20.8 5:16.3 3:16.7 5:04.2 (115) 10:30.9 (110)
112 YSTENES, ROMAN SO 78 MIDDLETON 67 16:31.5 1:28.5 5:18.8 3:18.3 5:06.5 (132) 10:37.5 (130)
140 MADOCH, MICHAEL JR 74 MIDDLETON 95 16:48.4 1:45.4 5:24.2 3:21.7 5:05.6 (123) 10:40.2 (133)
141 RADER, JACK SR 76 MIDDLETON 96 16:48.7 1:45.7 5:24.3 3:21.7 5:07.9 (143) 10:40.7 (135)
183 GILLES, BRAEDON SO 75 MIDDLETON 138 17:21.8 2:18.8 5:35.0 3:28.3 5:19.8 (193) 11:05.0 (186)
192 LEFFEL, ZACHARY SR 79 MIDDLETON 147 17:34.1 2:31.1 5:38.9 3:30.8 5:19.9 (194) 11:05.1 (187)


Although middleton was 16th they ran well and were less than 40 points behind wayzata. Maybe it’s good team runnin but when the 4 and 5 finish with the same time and their are like 20 runners 5 seconds ahead of both of them you would think maybe one of them had more to give but who knows. Overall I think they ran as good as they could although that 6 and 7 runner maybe could have done a little better but the top 5 should be proud. Clearly meinke ran awesome, the iron sheik was near the lead at the 800 mark but he fell off early and he looked rusty or uncertain when watching him as the opening mile wasn’t actually that fast. The wayzata number 1 finished 10th so Bosley beat a pretty top guy at heartland and derek peters the new badger from Dakota finished right in front of meinke


The Midwest boys dominated and the heart land boys did well. It is setting up to be a very competitive footlocker for the Midwest Regional.


Fayetville manlius. 2nd on boys side but first on girls side. Has won girls 11 out of past 12 years. Personally I just don’t get how that’s possible on a national level. I get it on a state or even a regional level especially a great program, huge school, great coach but not a national level. Winning nationals 11 out of 12 years. Baffling how this is possible. Then again the east coast women in general were animals individually and as a team. The girl winner would have been middleton boys number 4 runner and if she was pushed she could have potentially run faster than middletons number 2 runner and middleton is potentially the best team in wisconsin modern history. As great as a season middleton had I think this meet also shows them how much further they need to go to be relevant and with one of the worst 6-7 guys replacing their 2 and 5 it’s not a slam dunk we will see them at nationals next year unless they again like this year show a lot of improvement. I do believe Caleb can be a top 20 in the nation guy like vanucci ellenburg and obviously meinke (probably the 10th returning underclassman) but what I believe is irrelevant Caleb needs to believe it too like he did at heartland. Anyway he was a team player this year but next year he may need to be a low stick guy on the national scene for them to be a top 7 team type team.


Not many returnees from 2016 FL
Dylan Jacobs SR 11th 2016, 5th at midwest regional 2017
Meikael Beaudoin Rousseau SR 19th 2016, 2nd in west regional 2017
Dalton Hengst SR 21st 2016, 4th at northeast regional 2017
Graydon Morris SO 34th 2016, 3rd at south regional 2017
Kilrea and Bosley in both national championships


Unless this national course was killer tough it looks like our Wisconsin guys were beyond their peak for sure. Pretty much everyone except Bosley and Meinke ran quite a bit slower than they did at the Ridges a month ago. I imagine some of that is due to the draconian WIAA rules that don’t allow coaching your athletes that are running in post season national competition. It make it all the more amazing that our kids have done quite well over the years. Hacker did have his dad to coach him and use his PHD in exercise physiology to help his son advance through the post season.


It was muddy, wet somewhat hilly and crowded. I think our boys ran inline except iron sheik was a little off


7th at NXN and 7th at Footlocker for Bosley.


He ran as good as possible as 5-20 were pretty equal in capability and all was close. If anything it was unfortunate 2 other juniors squeaked right in front of him in the final 400 meters but it was a big pack of guys going back and forth and will provide extra motivation for track and next year. The first 800-1600 was too slow which made it a weird race. The sophomore who was in second place looked very fresh and may have won it if he ran for the win instead of running for a top 3 position. Not sure how tall he is but he was just loping out there and if he stays healthy could be amazing. Hopefully Bosley wins it next year but the main thing is to just stay healthy as he has already proven he is great. 3 of the probably top 5-6 returners in the country are from Texas next year (some may argue the top 3 in terms of talent) but beyond Texas, wisconsin should have one of the top front pack of individuals in the country next year and has a chance of being one of the top 3 state meets in the country for boys similar to Illinois and Ohio this year and should bring extra collegiate interest to the rest of the wisconsin field. Congrats to Dylan Jacobs who overcame 3 dissapointing races in a row to then turn it around and win nationals. Clearly the times were very slow overall which kind of shows how great Finn and Olin races were over the past 5 years both running almost 40 seconds I believe faster than Bosley on the same course and similar conditions although the weird opening mile was the primary culprit for the slow times. Similar to our state meet mile last year.


Bosley intro bookmarked first. Hit stop and run the second video (same video) to see the start of the race.

Bosley intro

Boys race


The Midwest had 7 of the top 13 boys in the race. That is 7 compared to 6 from the other 3 regionals combined. Even the last place guy from the Midwest was 27th.


The girls had 5 of the top 10 and the last place finisher from the region was 30th. Maybe it is time to divide the regional into 2 smaller regions. They would probably never do it but it may help slow the drag that NXN is placing on Footlocker. There is significant travel for some kids to get to regionals for Footlocker but all of the NXRs are within an 8 hour drive. It looks like the 11-20 finishers from Midwest would have been likely qualifiers at other regionals.


@maryss The only state that makes sense getting annexed is colorodo to the west coast (colorodo is not the Midwest anyway). That state is absoletely loaded as well and may be one of the top 3 states next year for both individuals and teams when you look at how their young athletes did this year in both Nike and foot locker


altitude makes a difference I guess.