NASCAR - It ain't all that bad


I went to my first NASCAR race two Sunday’s ago at Watkins Glen International Speedway in Watkins Glen, NY… and I had a blast! The race was exciting, the atmosphere was electric, and the people there were one of a kind. Interestingly enough, the tickets, food, and souvenirs are all expensive, so though it appears that NASCAR is a sport for southern, white-trash, beer-guzzling hicks, you really actually need a sizable income to be an avid fan. Do I still like Football, baseball, and basketball better than NASCAR? Sure. But is this gunna be my last race? Nope. I really suggest that you actually go to a race before you start making fun of the sport.


I’ve heard from a friend that its really fun in person. I can’t watch for more than five minutes on TV.


Not. It really is.


I dont mind Danika


Been told by friends it is fun live.

Sometimes I’ll leave it on, but bowling is more exciting. HAM BONE.


Being at the race is much more interesting than watching on TV. I’ve been to Dover and Bristol. Brostol was awesome! The track is small enough that you have an excellent view of the entire track so you can always see some action.

If you are in the Bristol area when there is not a race I would recommend stopping by the track to visit. When I was passing by the track was abandoned and everything was unlocked. I went down and attempted to run around the track, but I didn’t realize the turns are banked 25 degrees, I was not quite fast enough for that!


That race was run on Monday due to rain on Sunday.

Regardless, NASCAR is fun. But then again, I’m from the south LOL!!!


I know, I was there. Most of the festivities took place on Sunday. Only the race itself took place on Monday.


I would imagine that the festivities are different in NY, as opposed to Talladega. That’s just a 3 day tailgating party (lots of interesting things go on there), then the race.


Now that I think about it, I could imagine a lot of track fans would enjoy NASCAR. It’s just like us running, except they’re going 2,000 mph.

Another thought bubble approaches…I wonder if NASCAR was ever seen as not a hick spectator stereotype? Thoughts?


Try about 1/10th that speed. Its not like running at all, much less energy is used by drivers than distance and training/practicing is a lot different. Runners are training their bodies for the demands of distance races, whereas nascar drivers are practicing or training an entirely different skill set to be able to drive nascar tracks at high speeds.




didn’t know the speeds they drove at precisely, so figured I’d exaggerate for humor. muh bad bros, muh bad.

I mean the actual watching of the race. I don’t want to watch runners train just as much as I don’t want to watch drivers train. Meant the race.


Everybody with a brain who isn’t overly annal knew you were exaggerating. Whoever pointed out your exaggeration most likely is the post leader in the grammer nazi thread.:frowning: