Mylo Xyloto


What do you guys think?

I am a big fan of :

Sorry if there has been a thread on this already.


You know how I know you’re gay?


(Hopefully aware that Bieber is listed on your favorite music on facebook…yea, I checked) :smiley:


I’m a Belieber.


You just said you’re going to stop sleeping with women.


Love those two as well as:




Every time i see this playing at work I crack up. Seriously? Every Teardrop is a Waterfall?


This is an amazing album. After 5-6 plays, it gets to the point where there are no bad songs. Naming a top 5 is almost impossible because songs 2-9 are interchangeable. Paradise should be song of the year easily. That’s one of Coldplay’s best ever.

EDIT: And njrunz makes a decent point, but I feel like you can do that to any song ever.