My goal of sub 1:09:400 for 3 laps - I will not


My current best:1:11:3
World Record:1:09:397

Video of WR


There are basically a few different ways to go about getting a world record.

  1. use the same character/kart/strategy as the current world record holder, just beat his time.

  2. Use a different character/kart/strat to beat their time.

  3. Find an ULTRA shortcut glitch (so far 3 have been found, where you can complete the course in under 35 seconds). Basically once you start the race you want to find a path to get back around to behind the starting spot. Extremely hard to find.

  4. Use same character/kart as WR holder, just use a different strategy. For instance take a slightly different path each time that is a bit faster.

I’m going with #1 for now. Yesterday I opened in a 23.5 (i know, I couldn’t believe it either), then a slow 24.1, then closed again in 23.5. Normally my 3 laps look something like: 23.7, 23.9, 23.7 or something similiar. I calculated that If I had gone 23.5, 23.5, 23.5 - that would have been around a 1:10.5, a second and change off the current WR by Cole.

suggestions? (also check out Mindscarps youtube channel. He is the current ‘uploader’ of all WR videos -
This is serious business that will help get our forum some attention.


“Cole (colegilb in YouTube) is a Canadian player. He beat Pierrepont by “038 and is the first player to sub 1’ 09” 400 on this track.” (from MindScarps youtube channel)

Also on an unrelated note:
Check out this video (it pays hommage to the donkey kong country thread as well)


The only WR using a kart. Pretty legit.


That is legit. From watching the videos it seems that consistency is the best way to do it. Both world records hit the sweet spots of the course every lap. With a bit of practice it can be done.

How’s the WR attempt coming?


Mario Kart 64 is where it’s at.


haha, if only a world record in that meant something (now) though. Super Mario Kart is where it’s at.


lol i really thought for a second when i read the title that it would be just like the Letsrun thread. little did i know…