My apology to the mods and to TT


. Sorry I’ve been way too inappropriate and not a wholesome Funnage lately. Understand that things have been tough on me for the past year or so. Could be I’m just acting out inappropriately here just to deal with all the crap in my life lately. Know however that this ban has been a bit of an eye opening experience for me and that I’m going to be better as a poster and as a person.

Maybe it’ll take a few weeks or months. Years even.

Don’t give up on me though. I’ll keep working at being the poster and the person who I was before I started acting horribly here. Can’t say it’s going to be easy. Kicking things off will probably be rough.

Most importantly is that I’m sorry first. Offensiveness definitely needs to calm down here a bit. Definitely we all need to work on that. See you all as a better person soon !


People get offended by what’s said here?


A lot do.


Group hug. Move on.


But I thought you might like it :frowning:


What a Pinko Commie ******…


I know 3 people who do.


This, I believe is the only eye opener you’ve ever had


I’m just hurt. Hurt I say.


Funnage what a ■■■■■ move. I didn’t get banned just so you can go make an apology.


We all need to look deeper to better things. Today we can’t be so openly immature this is TT not Dyestat. For now I hope you can understand what I’m trying to do.


I concur Mr. Funnage. What is wrong with this generation.