Mt.Sac Course Conversion


Hey Guys,
If one to run x one a flat 3 mile course what would one run on the Mt.Sac Course? Is there any general conversion just like that you would think like +1.5 min or something like that.



Go to the following link and compare to other courses. Most of them are in Northern California although you can compare it to Woodward Park and the usual Woodbridge HS course.


This is very interesting - what a great tool. Do you know if it is continually updated (? Anyone care to provide thoughts on accuracy? I put in a few times on some of the So. Cal. courses and it definitely seems in the ball park in terms of the conversions.


Hank Lawson is the person that updates that course converter. You can contact him at with any questions.


COurse conversion from Woodward park to Mt. SAC (2.93) seems way off. The generally accepted conversion from people that I have talked to is 15-18 seconds for athletes under 17:00. When I enter a time of 16:16 from Woodward Park it tells me that athlete would run 15:36 at Mt. SAC, which is a 40 second difference.


That doesn’t seem right. Let me do some investigating and reply later.


I think 15-18 seconds is about right. The calculator may be set up for the 5k layout used for Footlocker West.


These are very rough estimates but to the best of my recollection, Crystal Springs and Mt. SAC are fairly comparable in times (maybe a 4-5 second difference). Woodward Park is usually about 20 seconds slower than Crystal Springs.

That means that conversion is incorrect so let me contact Hank and see if we can get that squared away.

Thanks for pointing that out Keith.


Course converter has been adjusted for Mt. SAC. It should be fairly close now.


I think the Mt. Sac 2.93 is right on now, but the Mt. Sac 3.1 (Footlocker West) is off. It is showing about 30 seconds FASTER than the 2.93 course.


When was the last time it rained during the Mt.Sac Invite?


I can’t remember a time.

The high on Friday is supposed to be 62F … usually it’s 92!


What is the approximate time difference between the Mt. SAC 2.93 and 5K courses?


About 45 seconds.


I see someone has tweaked this again, but it’s still quite off. It shows a 15:30 runner on the 2.93 coure is only 21 seconds slower on the 3.1 course. That doesn’t sync with results.

Take a look at last year FLW top 10: Foot Locker Cross Country The winner was 15:25, with guys like McElroy and Ruegg slower that 15:30. This has to be 30 seconds slower than Woodward Park.

Now look at it mathmatically. The Mt. Sac 3.1 course is just the regular course with a flat extension at the end to bring it up to 5k. If you do the simple conversion for a 15:30 runner you will see its about 51 seconds longer:

15:30 X ((3.1-2.93)/3.1)) = 00:51.

This is consistent with the FLW results. The FLW top 10 would be converted to 14:34 - 14:59 on the regular Mt. Sac course. Considering that 15 kids broke 15:00 last year at Mt. Sac, I think 51 seconds makes sense.

I love this converter, so I hope this helps!


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