The MSTCA will host a cross country coaches clinic again this year at the beginning of the season. The date is Sunday September 8th at the Reggie Lewis Center. Hoping to see a few more coaches take advantage of this opportunity this year. I along with Steve Infascelli are clinic directors this year and would love to hear what local coaches others would want to hear from as well as what topics interest people. There will be information handed out at meets this weekend.


I’d like to see two different things:

  1. Round Table discussion using various coaches - “Organizing Summer Running”. Topics could include - How coaches progress from Spring Track, what they plan for incoming frosh & the success of such plans, ways of “keeping tabs” of summer running progressions

  2. Supplemental Training. Be that warm up, cool down, strength, rolling, etc. How coaches fit it in their daily practices and still get out before 5:00 pm. Different exercises they employ. How they pair different running stresses with different supplemental training stresses.

I’ll be there this year - would love to present as much as I’d love to listen & learn. If you’re in a bind for some one let me know.


Thanks for the ideas and offer. Had thought of and definitely want to do some type of round table.


a round table is an awesome idea…maybe most of the speaking can happen prior to lunch and the round table could happen post lunch. Warrior as discussed on Saturday, count me in again this year! one of my favorite events and i have been honored to speak at it the last 2 years.


I just put this in my calendar. I’m in agreement that the round table idea would be fantastic! Thanks for the info!


There will be flyers and registration forms at all the divisional meets fo those interested. Looking like a great lineup of clinicians for this year.