MSTCA Invitational


Seeds are up




Loooong Day

Curious what others have?

My time sheet has this (examples):

Girls Mile @ 12:35, Boys @ 1:10pm
Girls 800m @ 2:00pm, Boys @ 2:15pm
Relays begining @ 2:40pm and ending about 4:45pm



On the boys side, the mile has to be the race to watch. Collins, Hubbard and Thomas will obviously be in the front pack, but will anyone go with them or will there be two races going on at once?


When did hubbard and Thomas run 4:18? Must have missed that race…unless seed times are fake.


Ya mile looks like a good race. Id look out for Halpin and Beck…Beck just off a 9:4x PR and Halpin ran extremely well in the 2 mile indoors (9:22). Both appear to be on the cusp of something big.


I wouldn’t call the seed times “fake” even though they haven’t run those times. Hubbard solo-ing 1:55 shows he’s in very good shape, along with Thomas going 4:20 indoors. I think runningrams just wanted to make sure they got in the seeded section where they belong.

FWIW, I think a good amount of the seeds are inflated a bit.

Definitely agree with that statement. Halpin is improving incredibly fast. Also, Beck took the indoor season off for whatever reason and is just starting to race again. With a PR last week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him set a huge pr in the mile


solo? Disnt he have like 5 other kids in that race who ran 156? I wouldnt want to start taking things away from them. Based on their pr’s they would have both been in the seed.

Fake is a term used to describe or imply that something is not real or that it is false. So yes. Fake

also, you are correct. I see ALOT of inflated seed times. LOL


It looks as if Collins and Lampron aren’t going to run MSTCA as both of them are entered in NB Twilight that night.