MSTCA Frosh Soph Invitational




some of these seed times and lengths seem ridiculous…what is this the state meet…Is Bishop Feehan going to really run 8:05 with 4 sophomores!!! if that happens…awesome but seeding your team 35 seconds faster than the meet record takes some Kahons!! Just looking at the small schools seeds this is might be the most competive Fr/SO we’ve ever had.

220/440/880…insight? nice job at relays btw!


I’m sure thats just a case of a DirectAthletics pre-filled time.
That or too many beers during during the entry process


not a knock on you or your guys cause they more often than not rise to the occasion but i’ve seen over seeds from pembroke through the years. i’m also not sure if this is the most competitive meet ever, at least in terms of distance. i know when i was a sophomore the mile was extremely fast with darrah and maddgian going at or under 4:34 and gregorek went FAST in the 2 mile.

however, i do see your point. i’ve noticed in freshman/sophomore meets i’ve participated in or seen that coaches like to “show off” their guys with flashy seed times. i say stick with your best times to date and nothing better or worse.


I can’t wait to see Andre Rolim and Brian Sommers face off in the 200. I think that Sommers may have a bit of a leg up on Rolim judging by their 300 PRs.


Seeds times should also come with results from when the times were run, or enter athletes at NT. Just my $0.02


Zitans are you insinuating that I cheated, if so I’m offended. And NO, I never drink beer when I’m filling out the forms. And Oldmiler, you win the prize. DA auto fill is at its best. We may be able to run about 8:45 to 8:55.

Zitans, I never did tell you the story of Annapolis’s XC course. It’s a good one.


Z- the pot has officially called the kettle black.

I’d like to point out your seed times at Dartmouth this winter. While the “Z magic” did work itself out in the end, you are a classic overseeder.


MCRUNN, thank you from coming down off of your high horse to comment…maybe you meant to PM that… I realize every one that has ever coached has over seeded their kids, including me. No need to get into why we would seed our kids faster, we all have different reasons. If there are overseeds this year at fr/so its because some of these “standards” are a little ridiculous. I did not say that there were a bunch of crazy unrealistic times (i guess i use the term ridiculous as good…there are a bunch of times at or under meet records)…I was saying they seemed fast, not cheated…the only one i thought was crazy was the 8:05…which we now know what happened (i totally forgot about the DA automatic fill…i’ve been a victim of this myself). as for me, i think i use good judgement when i seed my kids as i am sure most coaches do…and i think i know my kids better than a random coach or kid on this site…If one of you knows better feel free to enlighten me…i guess i need some help with this.

220/440/880…see you Saturday and yeah you need to finish that story, i will buy the coffee.

Baron-While there have been some great races over the years between 1 or 2 individuals…in the small schools meet this year based on seeds it seems to be deeper than ever…The boys mile has i think 13 kids seeded under 4:50…thats outstanding in my book…how IS BSC/BSU going? Indoor went well correct?


also looks like the 800m record is at risk of falling by janvier, and i’m not sure that’s been close to falling in about 5 years now. d3 schools seem to have a lot of talent coming up from westwood,medfield,pembroke,and bishop feehan. should be some great distance battles coming up through the next couple years. looking forward especially to see what stafford and valeri will become in a few years. maybe you could spare a top freshman or two and send them down to middleboro :smiley:

indoor didn’t go as expected. spent most of the year indoors and outdoors with a stress fracture. but i will say bsu’s dmr and 4x8 teams next year have the potential to be :eek:


MSTCA has its game face on field event flights posted? this is a first

Thank you!


Did Rolim enter both so he could avoid Sommers because it certainly looks like it.

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