Mount Rushmore of Wisconsin Distance Running


Let’s hear 'em!


Solinsky, Jennings, Hacker, Easker


That’s a good one Ryne, but i’d keep Solinsky and add Ramos, Rupp, and Sowinski.


Rupp? Anyway, does anyone else think ryne scopp kinda looks a little like Chris Solinsky? Or rather chris solinsky looks like ryne scopp?


I think Biff would have a good answer and good arguments for this thread.

Solinsky and hacker are unanimous in my opinion. I have a lot of respect for Steve Lacy too.

Im going with Solinsky, Hacker, Lacy and Herold under the assumption that there are other memorials/landmarks for the liberal Jennings and so forth. Easker was like Hacker’s super awesome vice president. I forgot easker’s 10000 time (under 29 for sure) but 13:30-31 was his fastest 5000 ever.


Does 1:45 Mark Winzenreid ring a bell?


How about Lacey, Hacker, Easker, Winzenreid ?


Solinsky, Jennings, Wizenried anddd dare I say Andrew Perkins? At least on the high school level…


Don Gehrmann, Mark Winzenried, Chris Solinsky, Tim Hacker.

Gehrmann titles won summary:

WIAA Mile - 2
Big Ten XC - 1
Big Ten Indoor 880 - 2
Big Ten Indoor Mile - 2
Big Ten Indoor Two-Mile - 1
Big Ten Indoor Mile Relay - 1
Big Ten Outdoor 880 - 1
Big Ten Outdoor Mile - 4
Big Ten Outdoor Mile Relay - 1
NCAA Outdoor 1500/Mile - 3

There was no NCAA Indoors until 1965.

He finished 2nd twice in NCAA XC. He finished 7th in the 1948 Olympics 1500 meters as a Badger sophomore, falling on the final curve taking him out of medal contention. He was the top miler in the world for the next three years. Then, married with two small kids, he had to get a full-time job. He finished 4th in the 1952 Olympic trials in the 800 after showing up on a lark and out of shape. He retired at age 25.