Mother's Day Ideas


Who’s got 'em?

Even better if they’re low budget.


Buy me a gift instead.


I’m taking my mom out to dinner for Mother’s Day, much easier than trying to figure out what kind of gift to buy.


Me and my siblings pitched in to get my mom a gift card to a spa. Maybe you can make her dinner?


This, I’m making my mom a nice dinner.


I work 10am-10pm on mothers day.

i should make bank.

i’ll most likely do flowers and a card. though i’d like to get her and i a few dance lessons so she and i can get boss at ballroom or soemthing


Write a song


working 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. on mothers day. originally was working 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. but they asked me if i could switch my shift and i didn’t hesitate at all since ill be able to see my mom most of the day now. maybe me and my sisters will take her out to dinner or something


That’s gay.


That’s immature.


I did this last year. My mom did not appreciate it… “she doesn’t have time to go to the spa.”

We’re going to brunch with my grandma and aunts and cousins, but I don’t know what to get her otherwise. She wants Bob Greene’s book, but my sister’s gotta fake sick to go to our conference meet tomorrow, so getting it will be difficult. Since her birthday and Easter were both fairly recent, we’ve already gotten her flowers and such, so we can’t do that. My sister always makes homemade cards, though, and she loves that.


If I take my mom out to dinner, do I have to get her a card?

I hate cards (unless they write it them-self), seem like such a faux goodwill gesture