Morris County Championships


wow, what a cool story


These results are absurdly fast. Top 3 finishers ahead of Ben Massam’s course record? Can anyone explain to me what happened? Was this course really dry and a perfect 70 degree day outside (“dry” is something this course hasn’t seen in the past 4 years…). Ellis runs faster than Tansey did on this course, Doyle is second or third fastest in MoHills history on this course, many, many boys in general running significantly faster than what they did at Greystone on a course that is historically slow… These results shocked me. Why are they soooo fast?? Less than 5k now? :cool:


This was run at GREYSTONE, how did you not understand that?:smiley:


This is how (says 10/31/2009 BTW):


Yeah I saw the same, was in disbelief at first!


Me too… Crushing a CR by 30 seconds over a HS great Ben Massam would be insane… I couldn’t believe it, given the top 3 would’ve been under the old CR, and 20th place would’ve been top 3 ANY year…

And we thought we ran pretty fast at Kraft, Rob! Haha…