More winter in the south


sure wish you northern folks would all face south and do a collective suck to pull this darn cold air back up there where it belongs! Thank goodness for global warming or we would’ve frozen our asses all the way off this winter!


This is the coldest winter I remember. Even when I was in other parts of VA, I don’t think it was this cold, on average. We had snow twice that shut down the city for 2-3 days and left me running on a treadmill for 5-6 both times. We don’t plow the roads here, other than main roads. I’ve learned that in the north, people shovel sidewalks and stuff too. Aside from that theres been 10-20 mph winds most days, sometimes faster, that have made it feel much colder than it is.


down here the only ice we want to see is in our tea and Coca-Cola! Occasionally we like it to cool down our tubs of beer and make a churn of ice cream…otherwise, it needs to stay up north where it belongs!