More American


PBR or Budweiser


I love Bud.

But, PBR has the sweet commercial.


Iron City.


PBR. they used to put actual blue ribbons around each bottle.


Iron City was the first beer to come in a can. It doesn’t get much more American than that.


Except for the fact nobody but a yinzer knows what Iron City is.


Budweiser only because it’s the beer I’m drinking right now.


I refuse to vote. If I’m not drinking Bud it’s because I’m drinking PBR.




I can’t stand drinking either and have decided I won’t try. Call me a ■■■■■, call me unamerican, but I’ll stick to my Shock Top and locally brewed ales.


I feel like PBR is the official beer or all hipsters.


voted bud. haven’t had beer out of a can in a few years…


Man why do people say that ****? My friends and I are in no way hipsters infact I think my roommate Dave is a closet red neck but thats another story for another day. We all love PBR.


THIS because my roommates are hipsters (not intentional).

ALSO to OP, sorry but Budweiser isn’t even American owned anymore you ****ing moron.

Did I accomplish my task of being excessively abusive?

It’s too bad it’s so ****ing covert that no one realizes InBev even owns them unless you read some sort of newspaper like WSJ.


PBR is a good cheap option. You can also get 24 oz PBR at some bars round hurr.


I hate to stereotype but if you don’t drink beer out of a can you probably pee sitting down.


Agreed when it comes to “normal” beer.


how can you rip on something for being so good even hipsters are forced to like it?


just to make sure noone missed this over the summer: