Mookie Salaam turns Pro


“Even though I’ll be running for Adidas, the only thing changing is the name on the front of the uniform, I’ll still be a Sooner at heart.”

9.97/20.05 guy.


Good move for him. As a coach, I would have a hard time losing such a huge talent but as a bystander with no investment in OU I would say take the money and run. It’s not like you can’t finish school in our sport when you go pro.


I was really hoping he would make the 200 team . . . and I’ll say again . . . Jeremy Dodson???

He was running unnattached and I can’t find any times for him outdoors this year at the 200. He just seems to have hit it just right running 20.34 windy in his heat behind Crawford, 20.33 behind Patton in his semi and then 20.07 windy in the final.

He has run 10.27 in Boulder in April, ran 6.64 in Colorado Springs indoors and had a best of 20.38 from 2008 again in Boulder. He is a Colorado Buffalo and is their indoor and outdoor 200m record holder. His bests in 2010 and 2009 were 20.63 and 20.71.



Mookie was wearing an adidas kit at USAs, so it was pretty obvious. Still, best of luck to him.


Note that former OU sprint coach Matt Kane recently accepted a similar job at Alabama.


I remember him from HS - he was a huge talent. He ran 10.39/20.41/46.73 his senior year checking Dyestat archives. That’s pretty studly. IIRC, he went to Arkansas originally, back when Baumann was the coach, and they were stocking sprinters.

Think he picked up an AA on the DMR his frosh year, then transferred to CU, I’m guessing when the **** hit the fan in Fayetteville. Haven’t heard much of him since then.