Monster State Meet Marks Tonight



Austin Mudd 4:03.22 beating Walden at 4:08+
Lawrence Central 7:38+

Ohio D2

Peninsula Woodridge 7:38.43

Cal State Meet Field Events underway


Wins 800 in 1:49.25 at Indiana States


Can anyone provide info on a better “one day” double? 4:03.22/1:49.25?



I have to admit, I have never , ever heard of this guy, but that is some running.


1:50.61 2010 800M


#8 Perfromer All-Time

Ciarra Brewer of James Logan 43’ 21/2" (+0.8w legal wind) on 2nd jump.

Yes they have wind gauges at the California State Meet.


8:56.73 over Walden 9:02+. Connor Martin 9:15 I believe.


41.78 to make the 9th qualifier

41.06? leader


With a 48 pt mid split on Center Grove 3:14.40 winner as their anchor sprinter split 47.3.

What a night’s work.


Boy’s 1600M 12 Qualify

Leaders: Oshier/Gedyon both at 4:10.39
12th qualifier at 4:13.05
4:13.36, 4:13.58 and 4:13.88 do not make finals


Wow where is Mudd going? That monster double PR is amazing!


Mudd is headed to Wisconsin next fall. Another great pick-up for the Badgers in the middle distance events.


Nothing compared to Austin Mudd… but Joe Rosa ran 4:10 today and Jim ran 4:11.


9 Blake Haney 9 Stockdale/ce 4:13.58:eek:


He’s run faster.


Indiana State meet is all run in one evening. Everyone runs together (no classes). Last night was a typical warm/humid Indiana evening (low 80s, 60% humidity).

6:35pm– 1600
7:45pm– 800
8:15pm– 3200
8:30pm– 4x400

Mudd (breaking all-time state best records)
1600= 4:03.00
800= 1:49.25 (65 min. rest)
400= 47.3-47.6 split (40 min. rest)

Also,Walden had a decent double last night (95 min. rest)
1600= 4:08.52
3200= 9:02.83


Wow. That’s insane. It’s days like today that I really feel Dyestat’s absence. The boards would be absolutely crazy. These boards are a good substitute, but there’s not exactly much “track talk.”


still raining right now a couple hours away from the California state meet


That’s unreal. He PR’d in the 800 off 65min rest?? Jesus 65min after a hard mile feels like nothing, as anyone who’s ever raced can attest to.

I want to see him in a fresh 800.

quick edit: also the dream mile


A couple of notes on Mudd’s performances:

He totally sat and kicked in the 1600. He put 5 seconds on Walden in the last 200. It brought a tear to my eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had another second or two in him.

Then not only did he run 1:49, but he did it from the slow heat. I guess he would have been all alone running 1:49 against 1:53 guys, but still, he won his heat by 6 seconds.

The guy is a monster and he wasn’t even clearly the best in Indiana until last night. I’m pretty sure that 1600 was close to a 10-second PR for him, and he has run the event against solid competition quite a few times this year. I know he has raced Walden at least twice, winning once and losing once. There was honestly no reason to expect a 4:03 out of him. I think everyone knew he was capable of 1:49, but I’m not sure anyone expected it under those circumstances (except one of my teammates, whom I now owe five dollars).