I know there are a few mono threads so don’t scream at me for starting a new one, because my question is a little different. Got the blood work back today and I have it. The question I’m wondering about is how long before the symptoms occurred (incubation period) would I have reduced athletic ability? I don’t know if anyone has an answer or any personal experience.

Basically I’m trying to find excuses for bad athletic performances and am wondering if I can blame it on mono. Bad races occurred 3-4 weeks ago, and I started noticing the symptoms a little over 2 weeks ago.





When I had mono I could hardly run 5 miles a day. My legs were exhausted and it felt awful on every run. That went on for about a month or so and I stopped running, then one day I woke up and was just hella sick and couldn’t really get out of bed. The previous night they confirmed I had mono, so that was a weird coincidence. I was only bedridden for like 3 or 4 days and get better quickly and went back to feeling how I did before, still ****ty. Then I was back to normal maybe 2 months later, but I never got back into running.


I was just hit by a ton of bricks and ended up in the hospital.


Vastly, vastly depends on the case. I know someone who tested positive for mono who was basically just out for a weekend, and I know people who were out for a whole season.


It could definitely be from mono. When I had it, I didn’t even really display typical symptoms (beyond the symptoms sinus infections give me, anyway)… I realized I had it when I couldn’t finish a track workout (my sister had it at the same time, so it was an easy connection to make.) I only officially found out I had it 6 months later.


Thanks everyone, sounds like I can use mono as an excuse for about anything. For me I had just accepted the fact that sometimes you just have unexplainable bad races, and you don’t know why, and I was just wondering if this could have been it.