Monaco 1500 Startlist


Andrews IN, hopefully this goes way better than a 1:52.26 800 yesterday, even with travel lag, something not quite right there, not sure what? Wonder if anyone heard anything?

This is a field that should produce another possible PR


If all are in their most recent form, the USA could get the last 4 slots in this race!


Andrews DNF and is OOP for most of the race. Video is up on
Evan Jager drops a bomb in only his 4th Steeple an AR 8:06xx :eek:

results here


fifth, actually

8:06.71 … July 20, 2012 [Herculis]
8:17.40 … June 28, 2012 [U.S. Trials final]
8:30.60 … June 25, 2012 [U.S. Trials semis]
8:20.90 … May 18, 2012 [USATF High-Performance]
8:26.14 … April 19, 2012 [Mt. Sac]


Why did Merritt DNF? injury?


He said he cramped, but I guess we will be hearing about the severity of this cramp soon.