Molly Huddle AR!


Molly Huddle broke the AR in the 5k at Brussels with a 14:44.76


It was not that long ago I remember we got excited when guys like Amy Rudolph, Marla Runyan and Elva Dryer were trying to break 15; we now have NCAA ladies doing that. This is before Defar and Dibaba came on the scence; breaking 15 is now about the same as breaking 14:50.

Not taking anything away from Molly, but that was one of softest ARs on the books. A women’s 14:44 is about equal to a man’s 13:05; the womens AR in the 5k should be around 14:37, which Molly will likely get. This is the first year I have seen Molly have a consistent season of training and and focusing on a specific event. Up to now Molly has been all over the place running the mile-10k and road races of various distances. It is good to be versitile, but when want to set records, you have narrow your scope. Molly’s success in long road races suggest she may have a shot at the 10K record, although I think that is a stronger AR.

I am predicting the 5k AR will drop by at lease 7 seconds by the end of next year. Shalane wanted to lower the record this year, but she didn’t get it. I would not be suprised to see 3-4 women under the current record by this time next year. Perhaps Jenny, Rowbury, Koll and Shalane.


I believe the correct response, regardless of the position of the record with respect to the world record or the difficulty of other national records, is; congratulations, Molly! :slight_smile:




Fantastic run for Huddle.

Right behind her was Steph Twell who, in part due to the hype-prone British press and in part due to her own behaviour, has been a bit more smoke than fire in the past. But this year has been outstanding.



good call. i knew she had run some fast 1500’s but i didn’t know she even ran the 5000. great britain is developing a nice group of middle distance women.


Whats the WR??


14:11.15, Tirunesh Dibaba, 6/6/08.


I agree, what Molly did was fantastic!

I was trying to make a point, which probably would have been better in a separate thread; however, I would like to see that record get under 14:40 soon.


Wetpits, you don’t think in the 81 minutes it took for randian to answer your query you could’ve, you know, googled it or something?