Mo Farah's WR Video



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I don’t follow the pros really, he’s drugged right?


I don’t know you that well, are you drugged?

Edit: If i had to bet my life on it Mo Farah is doped


Depends on which drugs you’re asking about :wink:


I hear Lance Armstrong has recently voiced his support of this WR.


“good luck to you doper, I’m sure this decision won’t haunt you forever”

From Dodgeball. Perhaps the greatest cameo ever. Slightly altered.

I have no idea whether Mo is on anything. I just can’t think of Armstrong without thinking of this scene :grinning:


The joy of living in an age where we dismiss every great athletic achievement. (not saying all the cynicism is warranted, it’s just sad that there’s not even a moment to step back and say, “Dang, that was awesome to watch!”). It’s also interesting to me that comments appear here moaning about the sorry state of U.S. running because we don’t have tons of guys crushing 13:00 for 5k, but we suspect most anyone that does. We hate non-drugged averageness and drug-assumed excellence. There’s not a whole lot left.


It was a spectacular run. I have to say that regardless of what we think is happening behind the scenes, I always just really enjoy watching excellence.


What was the previous masters best for 2 miles, and who set it? The wikipedia page for masters WRs only lists official distances.


8:04.35 by Bekele. Source.


Suspend disbelief and watch the entertainment.

Many years ago when the Earth was cool and I was young I would view a track meet as a documentary on the boundaries of human performance. These days I watch a track meet and am in awe of the impact modern medical science has had on redefining those boundaries.


That’s not the previous master’s record.


Indeed. That’s what I get for not reading.


Why would you care about the master’s record? He’s not a master’s runner.


Bernard Lagat, who set the new master’s record in this race, is.


So, it looks like Lagat has already set 3 indoor masters world records at the mile, 3000 and now 2mile. It’s hard to imagine he’ll not take any one he wants from 800 to 10k. Here’s my question. Everyone assumes he’s dirty. Granted. But, so are a LOT (most) of all the other guys. What percentage of his sustained excellence do folks think is his own ability and work and what percent do you think is juice? It seems to me, if it were all drugs, there’d be a lot of other 40 year olds, or at least some, running in the realm he is. Not saying that to exonerate him, just wondering how one thinks of talent and dominance in an age of drugs. I tend to ask the same question of Armstrong. In an era where everyone at the front of the peleton was cheating, he won 7 straight tours. He also had the financial resources to cheat better than anyone else. So how great a rider was he, all things being equal? That’s my question about Lagat and these 40 year old performances.


re: Armstrong - there isn’t a uniform reaction to PEDs, so it’s probably a little tough to say exactly what his level of natural talent was. It doesn’t work to say “they were all on EPO, so therefore the best rider still won”.

re: Lagat - I know he had the whole deal with the A-positive in 2003, but I still like to imagine he is clean now (this goes for most runners in general. This isn’t naiveté, just how I prefer to be a fan of the sport). Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, I know plenty on here have strong opinions on him in particular, but it doesn’t really strike me as unbelievable that someone who could run 3:26 in their prime, who then proceeded to have a virtually injury-free career, could still be running the times he is now. I think it goes without saying that 3:54 is WAY different than 3:26, and not unreasonable in my mind given his age.


Doesn’t he have the 1500 record too, or did they not time that during his mile?