MN High School Performance List


Does MN have a website that has all the performances for each athlete?


Yeah it’s


Except they don’t have most of the results on there.


Can’t say that is not true, but milesplit has been incredibly useful to me. Between that and, you’ll probably get the best results of about 50% of the state’s athletes (but Milesplit is more reliable)…


I’m not saying it’s not useful but it doesn’t fulfill what the OP was asking for.


The best bet is raceberryjam’s honor roll at the end of the year. I’m not sure if it’s updated throughout the season

EDIT: didn’t read the question, you wanted to know all about a single athlete instead of a single event. You’ll have to dig around, but if you’re lucky you can find the high school meet schedule/results and find it that way


Iowa track and field requires all schools to enter athletes and relay times on

This is the system used for Drake qualifications and for the seedings at the State meet. you can sort results by class, by event, by conference, by team or athlete. Because the governing bodies require coaches to use the system, every athletes top performances are recorded. I am surprised more States don’t go to a similar system to have one source of accurate results.


Nice system!