Minnesota High School Cross Country Polls -- August 17th


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These are good polls, not great ones… I realistically don’t think Edina is going to do as well as these polls are projecting them on the guys side, but I guess you do have to give an NXN qualifying team some respect. The main problem I have with these polls is they put way too much into last season’s state meet. The absences of Eli Hoeft, and Matt Cota from even getting some votes in the rankings are frankly kind of embarrassing. Trenton Allen realistically shouldn’t be 9th, even if he had an amazing state meet last season.
Also I’ll give you one team to watch out for by the end of the season that no one is talking about. Robbinsdale Armstrong. You heard it here first.


How is it embarrassing that boys like Eli Hoeft and Matt Cota did not receive votes? Minnesota has many talented runners and the boys ranked ahead of them are all athletes who placed better last year or had similar if not better track seasons than them. Saying it is embarrassing that a certain athlete did not gets votes in my opinion is disrespectful to the athletes who are on that list who you feel are not as worthy as those you mentioned. Polls are based on opinions- the people who voted clearly had their reasons as you do yours. It is the first poll of the season and only time will tell who will be near the front of the state at the end.


I’m actually not surprised that the Edina boys team is ranked 4th in the preseason polls. They are returning the 4th best group of top 5 3200 PRs from last spring. Owen Gage ran a 9:35 last spring and a 16:18 at Heartland regionals so he improved a lot and he will be a big help to the team this year. And of course they have a lot of depth like usual.

Wayzata will win the section 6AA meet, but I think it will be a fight between Edina and Washburn to get the second spot in that meet. Minnetonka has a solid top 4, and if they get a 5th runner close to their 4th, they will have a chance to take the second spot in the section meet as well.


You’re right that’s probably an exaggeration. Compared to some of the other runners in the polls I was surprised not to see Hoeft and Cota there, based off the history of those two. But I guess the writers had their reasons.


Washburn’s success relies on the development of Kaj Johnson, Simon Midtbo, and Ben Perry. If 2 of those 3 step up they’re going to be the 2nd team out of section 6. Guaranteed. Owen Gage is solid, but Edina needs more.


Addison Stansbury 15:29 at Stillwater’s annual Twilight 5k meet. As fast as Wayde Hall senior year when he won state… And he’s only a junior. #staywoke


Edina boys crushed Pleasant Valley Iowa today. Their top 5 averaged 16:24 on the same course where they averaged 16:36 last year with a team that placed 18th nationally. Pleasant Valley is ranked 3rd in the region.


Look at St Olaf Results and tell me Eli Hoeft should be ranked again :laughing:


Bruh he took 5th at Bauman/Rovn chill, rumor has it he had been sick this past week. The guy is a machine. Maybe its good he’s not off to a crazy start so then we know he didn’t overtrain in the summer


5th at Bauman Rovn still mean he lost to 3 unranked guys, and he wasn’t really close to the one who was ranked, so idk why he has some reason to be ranked over all these other guys. He’s not the only “machine” in MN.



Eli is now 6th in the state.


Tom and Addison should be way higher imo



Add a zero


Hey man, he had an off race. Happens to everybody. No need to make the kid feel bad. He ran 16:05 he’s clearly a great runner


I’m not trying to be hard on the kid, but throughout the course of the season it was clear that he was never top 10 caliber yet he would get in the rankings regardless. With the exception of Milaca and the Lake Conference championships, this sort of result is pretty near the norm for his season. I only feel for people who were achieving high results the whole season yet don’t have the name recognition to get in the rankings.


Chill. Rankings don’t matter results do.