Minimalism--- >Normal


My last three pairs of running shoes have been 2 pairs of saucony grid sinisters, and a pair of adistar cs. They’re pretty minimalistic trainers, and I have had no injury problems. I recently bought a pair of adistar tempos, because I could not find a pair of sinisters anymore. They’re pretty light but they actually have some arch support and literally like double the cushion. So they are lot more beefy and have a lot more motion control than the sinisters. Well I wore these a few times, and they have given me some pain in my plantar fascia. And I have a perfectly neutral foot strike, and an average arch.

So my question is, has anyone else gone from minimal to normal trainers and had any pain? And, are my little pains a result of switching or the shoe itself? Will my foot “get used to” these new trainers?


It depends how you run in them. If you always heel struck, then switching back to a normal shoe won’t be an issue, because heel striking relies on cushion-granted how you heel strike is also a factor (heavily, smoothly, etc).

Now if you forefoot/midfoot strike or have really good biomechanics for your body (so not necessarily forefoot/midfoot) then the fact that more shoe is there might just impede you and lead to injury. Studies have shown that wider heels cause more pronation so watch out for those.

I could be wrong on some of this, so if anyone sees it-call me out.


nope, you’re definitely not alone on that one. Right now my everyday trainer is the nike free 5.0…and one day I left them at home so I wore my old asics kayanos that I had in my locker for gym to practice that day. It was literally the worst run of my season. My feet killed, and my arch felt like I was coming down on a large round rock right underneath it with every step. Once you go somewhat minimal, all the features of traditional shoes that your foot used to be somewhat adjusted to end up being a pain in the ass.