Milwaukee Journal All Area teams?


Anyone know what is going on with the Journal in the Milwaukee area?

I was hoping to see what this year’s all area team would be…and it has not been posted yet. Along with all the other all area teams for every fall sport. What gives?

Last year they go all out post the all area teams and then have an awards show televised and everything. This year…nothing?


Have you tried emailing Mark Stewart of the JS? I agree the sports coverage as been terrible for many sports. I also have not noticed any new Sports Prep Plus on Sunday nights.


I have actually and I have not received a response. It’s sad really that the metro Milwaukee area prep coverage as gotten as bad as it is. They focus quite a bit on football, and even that is lack luster at best.

Look at this weekend as an example; Bosley qualifies for a national XC meet and I didn’t see anything mentioned in the the JS but the Racine times/ Kenosha news says something.

Same with the Madison area…they seem to have pretty good coverage for all their sports…


There was a small blurb about Bosley in Sunday’s paper. But yes, I think they only have Stewart attempting to cover everything. Steven Tietz did a great job of covering cross country.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did mention Bosley & his time (as well the winners name/time) in the Sunday Sports section. It was on page 10, listed under “Noteworthy in the World of Sports” - Nice little write-up (albeit small…)


The MJS has always been like that. Even when I was younger (in the days before the internet), when I was desperate to see if anyone from WI qualified for Foot Locker, they would never have anything…


What is this time you speak of?


After large cuts the JS is systemically broken and bound by political agendas that trickle down even into sports news pieces.

While many of you are die hards, some fans, parents and even a select few coaches, there is a problem with the larger conglomerate that you people represent.

People WANT but people dont WANT to pay. Then people peg the responsibility on the news media expecting BBC-like athletics coverage.

The lack luster coaching organizations end up in a position to petition and mobilize change, however, the lucifer effect sets in and scaffolds the authoritative egos of coaches in chair positions. They end up standing in the way of themselves and progress. Several years ago a foolish drunkard from Lodi was allowed to self appoint himself in front of a chair position to make inquiries on the topic of track coverage for the 2015 track season. He didnt do his research. He made himself the center of attention and couldnt handle it. He then took everyone on a wild goose chase and pointed the fingers at everyone else. People at Sports NGIN,, PT Timing – pretty much everyone in town wants nothing to do with it anymore. Their business lenses see right through the politics and understand the heart of the problems. The track coaches organization is severely misguided and as far as I am concerned, when the Shorewood coach stepped down from the WCCCA presidency in 2012 the organization died with it.

I understand that people here appreciate and understand sport coverage but we cant complain. Collectively we are all responsible for there not being adequate coverage. Youre a cynical group with big demands, small wallets and little appreciation and understanding for the true task at hand. Individually, some of us have done just about as much as any one human could do–including harnessing the informatic mess–and to the 4000-5000 interest goers out there in WI (of 15000 xc athletes and 25000 track athletes) there isnt enough of an interest to facilitate thorough sport coverage.


Yes, Art Kabelowsky was quite good.


There are some true gems to be found in the published WISTCA meeting minutes that only goes to prove what a rodeo of idiots we have administering the sport.

From WISTCA meeting minutes in June 2016:

Reported WISTCA financial problems in July 2017:

And they wonder why we don’t have adequate data? Priorities are not straight. The data has the capacity to prove various things and influence executive thinking to help save both the organization and individual schools money through better administration. I am not crafting that argument. It is actually true. We could have told them 17 years ago that the all star meet was a waste of time and money. This organization disappoints and squanders their ability to function.

WISTCA priorities:

  1. Beer. At. The. Clinic.
  2. Allowing Mark Hoffman to humble brag about his off center JV role in SM Football
  3. Wasting money on the senior spotlight meet
  4. More things that don’t matter
  5. Themselves
  6. The kids