Millrose Games Wanamaker Mile (Men)


Start lists for tonight’s race are up, gun goes off at 9:50PM ET:

There will certainly be an elite pool of athletes in this race, something we’ve all anticipated for the past few weeks. I know this is short notice but what are your predictions for overall time and place winners? Attached is a winner prediction poll!


How can Centrowitz lose with those sweet spikes?


ESPN 3 feed is crap and no sound
The Mouse Companies do not get this internet thing and certainly don’t have any leaders of the 21st century that are leading in internet technology.


Wine - think it’s something wrong with your feed because I have full sound and the picture is great. Hopefully it’s fixed for you.


I wouldn’t put Bumbi out of the running after last week.


You know it’s a competitive race when Lawi Lalang may not even get in the top five if he gets 2 steps behind.


The field assembled is pretty damn good, but I just don’t see Centrowitz losing. He’s just head and shoulders the best 1500m/mile runner in the field, and he’s shown that his winter is progressing pretty well and that there aren’t any question marks concerning his fitness.

Unless Andrews shows up on his A game and really flies that last 220yd, I don’t see Centrowitz going down.


this is gonna be a fun 30 minutes, glad ESPN is actually streaming it live


jesus christ, 4:28 and change?

closing in like 63 high too. god damn


None of those women (Reid excluded) looked happy about being beaten by a high schooler.


viren_is_a_ninja with an AR!


Didn’t see it. Did Cain win outright? 4:28, man she’s good!


Nice race for Viren is a ninja-


no reid ran 4:27 so cain only got second. lol

good for sowinski, apparently didn’t know he was running til wednesday, and now has an AR!


I guess we can say that the Dyestat/Tracktalk boards can claim an American Record holder and the USATF Cross country national champion. 2013 been berry berry good to the Dyestat Alumni.


Still, wow! Isn’t she still 16 years old?


I’d like nothing more than to see Jager (or Bumbalough or Levins) take down Lagat. Especially if it involved lighting him up in the last 200m.

Edit: No such luck.


yeah I was hoping, Jager looked good through about 2800m but just ran outta gas. And regardless of whatever Lagat is on, that’s ****ing impressive for a 38 year old.

8:13.02 for Bumbalough, then Levins then Jager I think.

8:39 for Cheserek!


Jager looked great through 2600 meters such a smooth runner. I am expecting him to lower the Steeple record again this summer. It also looks like Bumbi is primed to substantially lower his 5K PR by the time Stanford rolls around. Right now the only event Evan can beat him in is the Steeple.


Correct on the finishing order and analysis of Jager’s labored last two laps.

It’s just incredibly irritating when the announcers are still on their knees for Lagat with all the ‘At 38 years old he’s still just a phenomenal athlete, tactician, closer, lover, father, etc.’ 38 year old people do not do what Lagat does; there’s a reason why most athletes are done by 31-32. Some hang on until 33-35, but by then they’re usually in a pretty obvious twilight. How the general public (or as ‘general’ a public as the running community can have) thinks he’s legit is just beyond me.

And from an athletic perspective, he’s not actually 38. Even people who are aware of his doping tend to forget that it’s more than just ‘Oh he’s old, but he’s on drugs so it kind of balances out’. Normally when a human body ages, it (basically) loses it’s ability to replace dying cells as efficiently as before, but the drugs allow him to recover and replace his cells at the rate of a much younger man (who’s also doping). So he’s effectively delaying the process of aging has on his body on top of the other recovery based benefits of doping. So he could continue doing this for another few years, which would explain his “Oh I don’t see retiring in my near future” bullsh*t he keeps spouting off.