Midwest Distance Festival


Entries as of today:



Well the mile looks great. Everything else…


The freshman mile looks pretty competitive as well so far


Entries so far in MDF - still have 3 days and expecting big names still:

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Boys 800  Meter Run[/FONT]            [FONT=Arial Narrow]Kirk Webb[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Monarch HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Neal Omar[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Niles West HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Jacob Dumford[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Westerville North HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Amos Bartelsmeyer[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Mary Inst and St Louis County Day School (MICDS)[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Chris Alvarez[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Crystal Lake Central HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Joshua Campos[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Prospect HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Dan Popek[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Minooka HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Ben Schultz[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Brandon Valley HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]David Mott[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Edgewood HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Mark Pedziwiatr[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Lincoln-Way West HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]James Weaver[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Conant HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Nicholas Vucovich[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SO[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Fremd HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Boys 1 Mile Run[/FONT]            [FONT=Arial Narrow]Jason Crist[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Franklin Central HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Russell Sandvold[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Arrowhead HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Malachy Schrobilgen[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Oak Park-River Forest HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Jacob Poyner[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Warsaw Community HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Michael Clevenger[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]MacArthur HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Connor Mora[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Cedar Springs HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Jack Keelan[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]St. Ignatius Prep HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Todd Ford[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Loyola Academy[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Easton Huch[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Libertyville HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Alex Riba[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]O'Fallon HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Mark Derrick[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Neuqua Valley HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Jonathan Harper[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Carroll HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Joe Stewart[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Metea Valley HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Adam Crutchley[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Villa Grove HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Evan Prizy[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Schaumburg HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Robert Somary[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]John Hersey HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Harry Winter[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SO[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Fremd HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Lucas Arrivo[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Pioneer HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Boys 2 Mile Run[/FONT]            [FONT=Arial Narrow]Sam Wharton[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Tippecanoe HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Evan Chiplock[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Heritage HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Tyler Schneider[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Conant HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Charlie Michel[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Summit Country Day HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Will Brewster[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Grayslake Central HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Addison DeHaven[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SO[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Brookings HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Nathan Burand[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Waterford Mott HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Nick Trefz[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]JR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Fairmont SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]K.J. Matuszak[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Carmel Catholic HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Andrew Philipose[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SO[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Hersey HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Nicholas Renberg[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]SR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Saline HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Boys Frosh 1 Mile Run[/FONT]            [FONT=Arial Narrow]David Rodriguez[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Hersey[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Matthew Plowman[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]York Community[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Chris Buechner[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Glenbard West[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Nathan Dale[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]York Community[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Peter Johnsrud[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Oswego HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Mike Sanuelson[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Romeoville[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Kaduse Worku[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Whitney Young HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Matt Strand[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Fairmont SR HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Ryan Wieties[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Batavia HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]R.J. Atwal[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Franklin Central HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Andy Weber[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]St. Ignatius HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Kyle O'Malley[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Franklin Central HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Turner Kelly[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Oswego East HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Michael Spoor[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Franklin Central HS[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Robbie Talhelm[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]FR[/FONT]    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Franklin Central HS[/FONT]


Updated just now:



Prediction: Clevenger will beat Malachy in the 1600.


Live Stream?? or just Twitter updates?


I didn’t get any twitter updates. I saw Mark Derrick ran 4:13 (4:11 for 1600), but that’s it.


Clevenger went with about 300 to go and dropped every body. 4:08.

Brewster in the 2 mile almost pulled the Craven v Finley. Sandovold put up arms to celebrate with about 5 meters to go and Brewster made a last push and just missed it. But still a huge race for him 9:04 for the full 2 mile.


Told ya :cool:


Thanks for the meet last night - came down from Wisconsin to check it out and watch my son run. Would you have the 1600 meter times for the freshmen boys race? These arent listed in your final results.


David Rodriguez of Hersey edged out Matthew Plowman of York for the win with a time of 4:29.76. Plowman got 4:30.15


1 Rodriguez, David Hersey 4:27.91 4:29.76
2 Plowman, Matt Kroy Track Club 4:37.18 4:30.15
3 Strand, Matt Fairmont 4:43.92 4:35.15
4 Lueck, Kyle Wisconsin Luther 4:37.00 4:35.76
5 Richards, Bryce Mundelien 4:30.13 4:36.43
6 Butler, Nick Fishers 4:38.80 4:37.25
7 Johnsrud, Peter Oswego 4:38.90 4:37.65
8 Samuelson, Mike Romeoville 4:40.83 4:39.15
9 Buechner, Chris Glenbard West 4:37.40 4:39.63
10 Worku, Kaduse Whitney Young 4:43.88 4:41.59
11 Dale, Nathan Kroy Track Club 4:38.00 4:42.31
12 Kelly, Turner Oswego East 4:44.71 4:46.35
13 Stepp, Tyler Fishers 4:45.00 4:48.37
14 Wieties, Ryan Batavia 4:43.98 4:49.85
15 Weber, Andy St. Ignatius 4:44.26 4:52.41
16 Talhelm, Robbie Franklin Central 4:45.00 4:54.09
17 O’Malley, Kyle Franklin Central 4:44.50 4:54.61
18 VanMeter, Lincoln Decaur MacArthur 4:48.00 4:57.73
19 Cardenas, Mickey Mundelien 4:46.00 4:59.04
20 Atwal, RJ Franklin Central 4:44.00 5:01.91
21 Palacios, Christopher Mundelien 4:46.00 5:11.17
22 Spoor, Michael Franklin Central 4:45.00 5:12.77


Full results are here:


Wrap up is here:


1600 times en route for the Mile

1 Clevenger, Michael Decaur MacArthur 4:07.55
2 Mora, Connor Cedar Springs 4:09.20

3 Keelan, Jack St. Ignatius 4:09.64

4 Poyner, Jacob Warsaw 4:10.00

5 Ford, Todd Loyola 4:11.24

6 Lee, Garrett Belvidere North 4:11.30
7 Schrobilgen, Malachy Oprf 4:12.09
8 Crist, Jason Franklin Central 4:12.10

9 Huch, Easton Libbertyville 4:12.11

10 Derrick, Mark Neuqua Valley 4:12.12

11 Crocker, Will Belvidere North 4:12.70

12 Riba, Alex O’Fallon 4:14.39

13 Stewart, Joe Matea Valley 4:15.08


Jack Keelan is going to enter his senior year with the best 1600/3200 PR pair of any Illinois runner in many a year (excepting Lukas of course): 4:09/8:55

Quadruple post FTL.


#mwdf… homie!


10 Worku, Kaduse Whitney Young 4:43.88 4:41.59 is a 7th grader


Thanks for the results - I already had the mile time results - I am looking for any 1600 results that may have been taken last night as they did in the other races. Anyone have those?