Michael Johnson was talking about


…the old “why are blacks faster” situation. Back in the early 60’s when black sprinters started taking over I could understand the…“why?” Who still thinks it isn’t about unique physical characteristics more abundant in those with roots to western Africa?

When they line up for the Olympic 100m we will not see a white sprinter there. We will see the Frenchman in the 200m. When they run the 4x1 an all black team will win, probably win all the medals.

We hear…ok then where are the African sprinters? Nigeria has had around 10 sub10.00 sprinters, Ghana a couple, then there’s the great Frankie Fredericks. More fast sprinters there than all of Asia and white Europe combined. Better question is where are the Asian sprinters, those from the Middle East, Mexico?

Tiny Trinidad has far more great sprinters than Russia, Germany and Poland combined. How?

Why do people try to argue/debate something so obvious?

Then there’s football.


I really thought Japan was making a push a couple of years ago – I believe they had 2 or 3 10.0x guys – that were going to be the first non-black sub 10.00 runners, but that never came to fruition. Haven’t heard anything out of those guys since and I completely forget their names now.

I don’t think LeMaitre is the medal threat in the 200 that everyone keeps making him out to be. He maaaay get a bronze, but I doubt it.

That being said –
Where is Alonso Edward?! There’s your Latin American representation. I remember watching him run back in 2008(?) as like a 19 year old and he was one of the smoothest runners I remember seeing – he’s a 19.81 guy but I don’t know what happened to him.

I was also competing at UTEP the day Churandy Martina ran 9.76 in the 100m. I think he’s more of a threat to medal for the bronze than LeMaitre.


Japan has had a couple sprinters over the years. But they are far and in between and they never have a gang of them or do they do anything in the big meets. I know of what you are talking about, but like you…???

LeMaitre is the real deal in the 200m, his whole game is about “sustained/maintained/speed endurance”. I have no doubts he’d be a solid 400m guy. He doesn’t have that explosiveness that is the 100m (in with those who do). I think he does win the bronze especially without Dix there.

I picked up on Edwards when he was at Barton JC (Tyson Gay, Bernard Wiliams, Steve Mullings) he was one of my…“keep an eye on this JC kid”. Then he did come on before sustaining an injury. Haven’t heard from him since.

For a small school UTEP has had some serious speed over the years. Gangs of sprinter all there together. As you know a lot of foreign speedsters. I don’t see Martina in the medal hunt at this stage of his career. I do think he’s seen better days.

What the hell, UTEP sprintdom…

Clyde Glosson…back in the Texas Western days
Zeak & Terry Williams…also Tex West
Steve Williams…did more at SDS however.
Howard Wiliams
Mike Fray…Jamaica
Erroll Stewart…Jamaica
Olapade Adeniken…Nigeria
Victer Ednet…Nigeria
Chris Garpenborg…Sweden (yep, blond headed white guy)
Harrington Jackson
Andrew Tynes…hmmm?
Jerome Deal
Oba Thompson …Bardados


Alonso Edward got back down to 20.28 last but as far as I know no races this year.

In the 400 vein, Johan Wissman has run 20.5x and 46.2 this year. Talk about a guy who never recaptured top form. 44.56 in Osaka an nowhere close since.


You need to look up “Jimmy the Greek” if you want to know why people don’t want to talk about this.


Unless you are dismissing the 'roots to west Africa" theory, Edwards certainly does not qualify


He’s half Jamaican/half Panamanian, right? Meh.


I was thinking he was injured after that 20.28, maybe not.

I hear ya about Wissman, was waiting to see something big out of him, still waiting.


People are talking about it.

I have a CD by an old Memphis jug band, the leader was a guy named Gus Cannon who was born in 1883, in the liner notes he says…

“my daddy was raised in them slavery days, he used to tell us that in them days they put the big ole colored man with the good looking women to raise children, shxt! I’m telling you the truth, I’m straight, I’m telling you want I know”

There is no doubt some of that selective breeding did go on, it is not some fantasy. Way too much has been said about it. Gus Cannon had no reason to lie.

Now add the fact that only the strongest survived the trip over, many died from all sorts of diseases.

We’d all seen movies about Africa where they use real natives in the flick, who hasn’t noticed the overall muscularity, tightness?

Jimmy the Greek was telling the truth to some degree. I do believe no matter what we were going to see the Afro Americans ruling some athletic events. Yes those that take speed,quickness, leaping ability, agility.

This is a great example of what I’m talking about.