MIAA Entry Format Need to Change


The system of taking the top 12 times for the previous 3 years as the qualifying mark makes no sense. If we allow 32 athletes in the race, then the qualifying mark should be closer to the top 32 average times over the last 3 years. The way it is set up now you have to enter athletes who are not “A” standard into multiple events knowing if they get in by the top 32 rule in all of them you will be scratching them out of most of them. This is taking the spot of another athlete that would love to be at the division meet. They really need to go back to if you hit the qualifying mark you are in. Not his stupid top 12 average “A” standard and fill the field to 32.

The meet also needs to switch to a no scratch meet. Currently there are 14 girls in D2 entered (most of them have “A” standards) in the mile and 1000. How many of them will actually double? Once all those scratches are made there will probably will be close to 10 open spots. The 10 girls that could of filled up the spots are watching from the sideline due to this ridiculous way the MIAA has set up qualifying.

I hear the person to contact is Keith McDermott kmcdermott@miaa.net Let’s flood his email so a change can be made.