MIAA Divisional Meets


New format- any 3 events
New divisions 4 vs 5 now

Best match ups

Who will claim the championship?


Really looking forward to seeing how Needham does. Go Rockets!


Dems fighting words…looks like you may be buying your tomatoes this summer…:stuck_out_tongue:


And the entry process is officially closed.

Can they post the seeds already??? LOL



Format says 1PM today so let’s see if they stick to that.


D5 is up: http://miaa.ezstream.com/index.cfm?ChnID=330&SubID=-1&chncd=330,-1&itemid=7322&parid=-1&Org=MIAA&CFID=13700480&CFTOKEN=34991457




D5 was pulled down

Race of the Week D3 Girls Mile
1 McNulty, Abby 12 Bishop Feeha 5:00.80
2 Worters, Stella 12 Shepherd Hil 5:04.37
3 Hazzard, Lauren 11 Hopkinton 5:06.77
4 Shepard, Karina 12 Dracut 5:07.68
5 Colletti, Samantha 10 Whitman-Hans 5:09.85


80 girls enetered in the 55… ahahahahahahahahaahahahaahhaaaaa




VERY quick, sloppy GIRLS score…

Mansfield 63
Needham 59 (some distance doubles that may or may not happen)
King Philip 45
Marshfield 41
Wellesley 34
Beverly 29






I warned them in December…


I abhor the entry process as it is currently constituted

Connor Murphy 600/1000/Mile
Brooke Hansel 1000/Mile/2Mile

Please, enter your athlete in the event that’s their best and live with it
These happy horse crap games are “mickey mouse”:mad:


only 6 boys 4x400 teams entered


only 6 boys 4x800 teams entered


gonna be lots of ‘scratches’ or 'DNS’s


Bolze entered in 4 events…plus Relays??? SHOT, LJ, 600, and 300…can you do that and scratch down to 3 or is there a mistake there?


A coach would be crazy not to… if I enter a kid in the mile and the 2 mile is empty, I’d kick myself for not staying within the rules and doing what’s best for my team.

Who cares anyways? We have this debate every year… I know that Kate Gobi is probably running the 600 (#1 seed) and not the 1000 (#5 seed), so I can figure it out pretty easily.

DI GIRLS quick score… LOTS of doubles, triples and tomfoolery

Lexington 62 (Manickas-Hill doubled, 3 top relays)
Lowell 59 (Richards 3 events)
Newton North 57 (fewer doubles)
Lincoln-Sudbury 49
Andover 46
Cambridge R&L 42 (doubles)
Wachusett 38 (Gobi & Sands doubled)
Weymouth 21

This will accordian quite a bit when the real races happen, but still a great 5-6 way team battle at the top.


By my reading of the format you can not. You can only only enter individual events up to the limit of 3.

Interested to know what meet director’s think.