MIAA All State meet



Looks like Cambridge RL girls and boys who knows


Looking at seed times on the boys side:

Andover 31
Northampton 31
Team Jewett/Woburn 30
Team Holt/Natick 20
Amherst 17 (really missing Taj-Amir)
St. John’s Prep 17
Mansfield is sneaky in there.

First team to 30-35 wins?


What happened to Taj-Amir?


Not only him on the guys side.

No Nick Carleo, Quinn Cooney, and Lucas Taxter(submerging elites). That is too bad, the mile would have been hot.


Cambridge R&L girls are scheduled for 52
Points- with cruise control points seemingly in the long, 55 (18) and 4x200, plus some upside in the 300 and the top seed in the 600, albeit by a narrow margin.

Biggest Vegas favorite ever?


Anyone know why Man-Essex is listed 30th with NT? D5 results have them as a DQ.


Not seeing that- seeing North Reading at 8:40. I could be seeing a different version?


This was sent to me a few minutes ago as a corrected result. Bromfield only used two guys…:). It has been a long week and I am sure everyone was quite tired from cranking out these results day after day. Not easy.

Maybe instead of being the one interfering, they were on the “being interfered with” side of the ledger.

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay

    Meet: * 8:21.40  2/12/2014   Newburyport, Newburyport                  
                     N Carleo, T Newfell, I Black, G Ficht             
School                                               Finals  Points

1 Norwell 8:32.79 10
1) Kevin O’Driscoll 11 2) Ed Masterson 12
3) Ethan Wu 10 4) Oliver Wallace 12
2 Seekonk 8:36.28 8
1) Matt Salit 12 2) Tim Salit 12
3) Bryan Salit 12 4) Nick Accardi 12
3 Hopedale 8:38.21 6
1) Yaroslav Borodenko 12 2) Joseph Grider 12
3) Thomas Spillers 11 4) Brandon Hall 09
4 North Reading 8:40.99 5
1) Adam Sapp 12 2) Peter Audier 11
3) Jake O’Connell 12 4) Brendan Carter 11
5 Coyle & Cassidy 8:45.32 4
1) Scott McCluskey 12 2) Peter Horvath 10
3) Josh Gangemi 12 4) Joe Celia 11
6 Old Rochester 8:48.96 3
1) Michael Kassabian 12 2) Mason DaSilva 10
3) Drew Robert 11 4) Kyle Sherman 12
7 Sutton 8:50.26 2
1) Will Hunkeler 11 2) Harrison McKinlay 11
3) Dale Dubinski 11 4) Jack Rzucidlo 11
8 Mohawk Trail 9:08.85 1
1) James Harding 11 2) Seth Hoynoski 09
3) Nikolai Anzuoni 12 4) Samuel Rode 11
9 Bromfield School 9:10.47
1) Price Day 12 2) Price Day 12
3) Matthew Polimou 12 4) Matthew Polimou 12
10 Oakmont 9:11.01
1) Chris Hill 12 2) Derek Burrows 10
3) Deven Burrows 10 4) Tyler Young 09
11 Innovation Charter 9:14.74
1) Marc Printz 12 2) Nicholas Passarelli 10
3) Victor Silva 10 4) Calvin Lee 10
12 Lunenburg 9:19.97
1) Robbie Brand 10 2) Andrew Gardner 11
3) David Gardner 8 4) Chris McCauliff 09
13 Saugus 9:22.99
1) Aleksa Samardez 12 2) Guilherme Barbosa 12
3) Nick Monaco 12 4) Alex Kotkowski 11
– Manchester Essex DQ interference
1) Nathan Evans 11 2) Connor Senay 11
3) Parker Malarkey 12 4) Cam Holley 12


That’s what I see on MIAA site now. Saw something different on ma.milesplit earlier.


What, you don’t trust what I post? Need to get your approval? Ha, ha.

I get my results from “trusted sources”. :slight_smile:


What races are people looking forward to watching?

Boys mile has to be race of night. Even missing N. Carleo , it may be one of deepest fields ever. I predict at least 3 under 4:15.


Only two in the field have run under 4:15, Garmon and Ratcliffe. My bets on ratcliffe for this one, as he took down garmon at the grand prix by around 4 seconds during a race where Ratcliffe led for basically the entire race.

I think it’ll go out kinda slow with ratcliffe kicking home for the win.

but that’s just my prediction.

edit: I read somewhere here that gilsons splits were something crazy, like 2:16 then 2:02, which I find a little hard to believe, but if so he could really be a contender for the win especially if the race goes out slow.


Boys mile will be good, but clearly the 2nd best mile race of the day. Girls have as many as 10 candidates to break 5:00 in the deepest field ever.

Lantz, Coletti, Richards, Armstrong, Walsh, Maurais, Banda, Hughes, Howard, and Daddario have all run 5:06 or under. This could be a complete barn burner. I love seeing Hughes in there because she attacks races, so the odds of a slow start are slimmer.

Can’t wait!


here are Gilson’s approx times (not to the 10th of a second):
800m splits
2:17 and 2:01

approx. 400m splits (not to the 10th of a second)

last 600m run in approx 1:30
last lap run in approx :29.5


Ernst ran 4:15.60 indoors and 4:15.19 outdoors last year, and I would throw his name into the bunch, too. He’s really only raced the mile once against high school kids all season, so maybe the kinks will be worked out for Saturday.

Thanks to Coach Miller for pointing out the field for the girls mile…should be fun to watch!


This will be a great race as well even without Torres who would have made it a total classic. Jewett v. Ceesay and others shouold make it great. Still can’t believe Ceesay is able to give everyone that beat at the start as he reacts to everyone else. Unfortunately in this race it will be even harder as he’ll draw lane 6 and have no one in front of him to see. Guess he’ll ghave to look back under his arm so he can react.


Ratcliffe with the win in the Mile, 4:13, went out in 2:04 through 800. Aidan gilson back in fourth, I doubt he was comfortable going out that quick.

Girls mile won by kaleigh hughes in 4:56.35

3 girls sub 5 in the mile.


Girls mile rocked, some terrible exchanges in the 4 x 200, 300 meter girls upset, and terrible starting with the little poofs not bangs by the starters, awful, especially during boys hurdles, 30 vs 24 worked out well, and nice tribute to former gov Deval Patrick, and acknowledgement to the silver lake athlete who stopped in his race to help another athlete who had fallen, what a meet


It was quite a meet with a lot of craziness - false starts, recalls, DQs, and one very unfortunate instance of an athlete just stopping.

Certainly lots of predictions went up in smoke and other favorites came through.


I’m still trying to figure out why Woburn’s boys 4x200 team was DQ’d when they were team that got impeded.