MIAA All State Meet


Performance List


Should be a good meet.

Would be even better if the MIAA and independent schools could have a meeting of the minds and find a way to have all MA high school students that could qualify compete. Can’t really say you’re truly the best in the state if you aren’t racing against all of the best athletes.



I’ve been hearing different things so I thought I’d check here, there’s gonna be more than one section in every event right? Even distance. Like the 2 mile won’t run one heat of 24. Are they splitting it evenly 12 and 12?


I believe the 2 mile has always been 2 heats, but I don’t know how it is split.


The last two years it’s been two heats in the two mile. It should be the same this year…I hope it’s the same this year!!


Isn’t there a rule that if it scratches down to a certain #, then one heat? Usually it is something like 16…


It’s been done for outdoor AS (eg 2012 there was one heat) but I’m not sure about indoors. I would think a 16 person heat at Reggie would still be pretty busy.


They’ve looked for break points in the past - a gap. I’ve seen fields of say 20 get broken to 8 and 12 when there was a decent 10 second gap between #8 and#9. I think Chris Lane has done a good job with that.

Divisional meets seemed to be inconsistent with D5 trotting out 17 for the girls mile


Very quiet board on the “eve” of the AS meet?

Good luck to all competing - looking forward to the following match ups:

Boys 55H - Samuels vs. Colello - all it will take is one “wobble” from Samuels and Colello will be right there!
55 Dash - Torres vs Derulos
Mile - Hogan/Stafford/Carleo - Nice!
2 Mile - Gonser/Schlichting (assuming he skips the Mile)
4x200 - Woburn, CRL & Weymouth - down to the wire
4x800 - Does NN “load” up or does Lowell take it?

Girls 55 - Scott vs. Henson
1000 - Shepard going for the record?
300 - Irvin vs Hall - they are just flat out fast!
2 Mile - McNulty going for the double
4x400 - how many under 4:00? 2? 3?
4x800 - 4 teams within 4 seconds, look for a great anchor/finish


Great meet …no surprise on Newton Boys…but wow NDA Hingham comes from 3rd in D3 to win All States…thought Feehan and Marshfield would have battled it out…


No surprise here… having watched Isabella Dimare for as long as I have (proud to say I was her first track coach… and taught her absolutely NONE of what she knows), I knew NDA had the big dogs to win this type of meet. It only takes a few kids at the Dimare/Reilly level, and you’re tough to beat.

2014 will always be remembered at the year of any three- we’ve seen these meets dominated by those teams who have the top-notch athletes. The days of chipping away for points in many events seems to be over. Studs will rule from here on out.


As far as Notre Dame is concerned, I think you will find they did it the old fashioned way…2+1 with the 2 being sprints/hurdles and 1 being field event.

It was Hingham who used the “any 3” to their advantage, but could not win the title.


Pretty sure “studs” have always ruled the day at this meet. Titles were won at 30.5 and 29 points - totals that have been achieved in other years by teams " chipping away for points in many events". For the NN boys with 3 studs in Montague, Schlichting and Fofana - it came down to little heralded Mike Howard getting 2nd in HJ to win the meet. That is TEAM and winning tradition on full display.


Thanks Warrior. I have to say there has never been anyone more complimentary and supportive of others than Warrior. Wish I were.


Although hurdles is like a field event, Dimare definitely won the hurdles, 3rd in 300, ran opener 24.4 4x200 on my gun. Reilly went old school 1-1-1.