Mercer Twilight Results


Results have been posted:

**Girls Discus results were not provided, we are awaiting the results to be sent to us.


Among a ton of great efforts, Zamir Thomas (Snyder) ripped a 21.73 NJ #1 last evening.


Pat -

Here are the splits I stole from you guys in the pressbox…

68.0 (4:29)
68.2 (9:02.8)
69.6 (13:40.6)

Fastest time run this year in an all HS race I believe.


That kid is FAST! As are many of his teammates. Very humble as well. Nice to see that these days.

Met their coach - he looked like he could drop about a 10.5 100m at will also.


2 HS kids break the Triple Jump WR and no one says anything?!:wink:

1 Otis, Randall The Lawrence 63-10.00
2 Maltz, Ian Hun School o 63-02.00
3 Hunter, Craig Robbinsville 42-02.00
4 Kerr, Charles The Lawrence 41-10.00
5 Lowe, Toure Freehold Twp 40-06.00
6 Jones, Stephan Hun School o 40-03.50


Corrected in NJRunners data base this morning. Records will not be ratified


Also the best second place ever.


I’d hope so, he ran about that last year.


It must have been that double-rainbow that threw off the results in the triple jump… :eek:


I don’t know if the following mix up is to blame- and I hope it isn’t- but the jumps pit officials were reading metric marks (wrong side of tape) for a good portion of the meet before being corrected by the ever-caring Brian Gould…also- and I’m pretty sure of this- the rainbow seems to be ending at the approximate location of the Rosa residence…can anyone confirm or deny this?