Mens OT 800m Final


Who are the three that will punch their ticket to the games? Poll allows multiple votes, I request that you only select three. Tell us your predicted order.


symmonds, KD, solomon

except I don’t think solomon gets the A, so Mulder I guess - how do we vote for that? You asked who punches their ticket to the games, not top 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


No nit too small to pick…


tell that to natosha rogers…


thanks for the set of links to trials site and NBC coverage A good feature.


Surprised at the lack of love for Mulder. Dude is a a smart racer, and obviously quick enough to have the A. I’d put money on him making the team.


The one guy who has actually run against him, “Viren_is_a_Ninja” voted for him. I would trust his opinion.

I voted for the Oregon sweep once I had decided Symmonds and Mulder, but I know KD will make the team. He is a survivor.


Symmonds, Jock, KD

I don’t see how NS loses this one.


Went with Greer over Jock. Too much similarities to Wheatings in '08. C’mon baby.


MVC pride baby.


Congrats to gutsnglory_, JPAT, MTUSKI, teddy_farley, The D O Double R and Track89 for picking their three exactly right. What made you guys confident in Duane Solomon and Khadevis opposed to others? For me, Khadevis was a hard pick because age played a factor but I picked him anyway because he made it that far.


I figured Symmonds and KD were easy picks, but I wanted Solomon to make it, even though he hadn’t even gone under 1:45 until that race.