Mens DMR Predictions


Essentially, this is going to be crapshoot. A lot of teams have all the pieces. Nonetheless, fun to speculate. I listed a lot of the names that deserve to be up there and then a few perennial powerhouses. Discuss your predictions, vote in the poll, rank your top 10 in the thread, list some times – you know the drill!


Hard to beleieve any educated fan would have some of those schools up there and leave out Villanova…

Duke? Florida? Loyola?


normally don’t go for Oregon but it’s hard to see ches losing even if he triples. Penn st is also choke city when it comes to ncaa’s.


Oh KING! Glad to have you back (and fuming)!


Each of these schools has a solid number of individuals ranked from 400m through the mile. Loyola has a 3:58i guy back who was third outdoors at ncaas. Solid anchor if you ask me.


Except Ohio State in anything but the 400m. Being a relay guy, it does make me a sad panda to see it too. Although thank you for the mention Zen, maybe I can rally the troops and make it happen (and sneak Cory Leslie into a uniform again)


Yeah Loyola actually has the pieces to be there this year. They had a national qualifier in the 400, the mentioned miler, and a slew of 1:50 800 runners. Now that doesn’t mean that they’ll win, but I could surely see them qualifying. And like Zen said, with an anchor like that, you’re never out of it.


Sammy P (Penzenstadler) on the anchor could really give people a run for their money. I also would throw IU into the mix. They still have Rorey Hunter to anchor and they have added Daniel Kuhn a freshman 1:50 800 guy that could run the 800 leg. This frees up Tre’tez Kinnaird (their stud 800 runner) to bump up to the 1200 which he is also very good at, but does not compromise the 800 leg. There is a good chance they will leave Kuhn off and just leave the order the same as last year but if it was my decision I would put it at:
Tre’tez Kinnaird
Derrick Morgan
Daniel Kuhn
Rorey Hunter
=sub 9:30


There were probably some better filler schools for the list I put together but I’d say, to rebuttal King, in addition to Loyola Duke [[stats] and Florida [URL=“”]stats] aren’t looking all that bad. Florida especially. They have a 45-guy, a 1:46 guy, Andres Arroyo, Mark Parrish and Jimmy Clark. The pieces are definitely there as well.


I forgot about Loyola 1500 outdoor guy , who I had never heard of until then

still an inexcusable omission of Villanova on that list when compared to many on it?


inexcusable that you choose to relive the single moment in which you noticed something was missing from the options list instead of voting in the poll (which includes Villanova) and offering opinions on why Villanova has the best team.


IU has a much more legit claim to fame than Villanova, historically they are very good in the DMR at nationals.

I just want to see Oregon break the collegiate record in the DMR, they certainly have the ability with Chez’s 3:36 1500 speed. I am hoping that they go like 9:24 or something awesome at Alex Wilson or UW.


1 Georgetown 9:28.22
1) Williams, Cole JR 2) White, Joseph FR
3) Manahan, Ryan SO 4) Bartelsmeyer, Amos SO
2 Penn State 9:28.36
1) Kidder, Brannon JR 2) Rhodes, Robert JR
3) Watkins, Za’Von JR 4) Creese, Robby SR
3 Villanova 9:31.36
1) Williamsz, Jordan JR 2) Urschel, Donald JR
3) Slade, Elliot FR 4) Solis, Dusty SR

Kidder and Williamz almost dead heat at 2:51.x

Joe White frosh 800 runner from NJ ran 46.x 400 for Gtown

Watkins out way too fast on his 800 leg faded badly and bad handoff to Creese who had to work, and Bartelsmeyer banged him down off last turn

Nova used Solis tonite on 1600 who probably ran a PR split of about 4:01.xx or 4:02

Gtown did not use Ledder or Bile


Hoya Saxa


You have to figure Nova picks up at least 5 secs from swapping Solis and Williamsz

Denault ran 3:58.25 yesterday for mile and Jordy is better than him , so Denault ran 3:56.6 for 1600M , you have to figure Williamsz for 3:56 flat and Solis ran 4:01.8, thats 5.8

Put frosh Muhammad who won second heat of 800 yesterday in debut of 1:50.82 on 400, they pick up another second

Of course all this goes out the window in a tactical NCAA or high level race


This. They may have the potential to drop some time, but that’s no guarantee given how the mile leg is usually run.


Are there quick conventional wisdom conversions for 800,1000,1500 and mile to 1200?


Wow that’s one hell of a question. And one whose answer I would also be very interested in.


The only one I know is the 4 second rule (taught to me by my HS coach): 880 to mile add 4 sec. per quarter, so 2(1:56 + 8) = 4:08
mile to 2 mile 2(4:08 + 16) = 8:48

For high school boys, I change it to 5 sec. It’s a quick and dirty conversion for times.

For the 1200, I average their 800 and Mile times, and it has come out close.
1500 - subtract 18 sec from mile time.


That formula is prepostorous. there are very very few 1:56 half milers that can run 4:08