Memory Lane


It has been over 5 years.

In the past couple of weeks I`ve spoken to Ruth, Pattidan, Jaygray,Zat, Wayne and a couple of members who are not LLers or do not post here much and have been reminded how much more connected people are in actual voice to voice conversation…


jaygray called to talk about getting one together soon…
lets do it.
Chat it up gang!!


Who has Skype? Jaygray is thinking that might be the platform.
It seems even I can can do Skype although I do not have video.

more as it evolves.


I’ve got Skype.


It’s worth a try, I think, if only audio. First step WiT is to download Skype and install it. Let me know if you need help – it’s pretty simple. Then you and I can do it, get you used to it, and then we can dry run with more sometime later this coming week.

I’m thinking if this works out and folks want to do it, we can aim for the Friday before Thanksgiving or the Friday after Thanksgiving. LL’s let me know your scheduling preference. If the dry run with Skype doesn’t work I’ll figure something else out.


I’ve got Skype (and everyone should – it’s great). My own suggestion would be the Friday before Thanksgiving, since the day after T’giving a lot of people may still have family visiting (or be visiting family).


I’ve got Skype-- runcamille. Wow, I remember the last time we did a conference call I had a landline and was in grad school. Was that really 5 years ago?!


For the first both patti and I had stick your finger in the hole and twirl phones — mine was late 60`s turquoise still have it in a draw.

not aqua but turquoise-- the then current gf sent me to the couch because I broght home an aqua wire for a turquoise phone- great gal- very thoughtful -she slept on the couch that night too, she was afraid I`d get scared all alone!!:cool:


Ok gang, I’ve set up a conference line. We can use it at any time. Skype is great but not available/usable for everyone, so I want as many as possible to be able to dial in.

So, give me a sense about how you all feel about next Friday afternoon, say 2PM PST? Up for it?! I am! If there’s a quorum, then next week I’ll ask whoever wants to participate to PM me, and I’ll PM back the call info. Psyched. :wink:


I`m in---- 5 pm EST next fri works for me.
A Conference Call Specific Thread is needed